Should I change from Construct2?

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  • Yesterday , I went for a meeting with a large game development office in Lebanon. I was really happy that they have seen my abilities and I showed them my projects which I made with cosntruct2. The problem is that say said I have great abilities but construct2 engine is visual for artists and designers thus I need to change to some real coding on Unity3D and visual Studio , Eclipse etc...

    They want me for an inetrship in summer and thus I must have learned C# , C++ , javascript etc.. till then.

    Thus what do you recommend? after-all I'm a programmer not a designer in general.

  • Surely it's the results, not the tools, that matter? Maybe show them some of the top C2 games (The Next Penelope, Airscape etc) to show them what it can really do.

  • Well is that not what you have wanted all along ? As an intern under seasoned programmers you will learn a great deal more than on your own . The learning curve for the languages they want you to learn is a little steep and the time frame a little short , but with your ambition and thirst to become a programmer , you should make it just fine . I wish you luck and hope you succeed .

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  • For 2d, I believe C2 can fulfill almost all needs, only question is can "direct" coding be more hardware effective.

  • For 2d, I believe C2 can fulfill almost all needs

    As long as those needs don't involve the major consoles, jitter-free solid framerates, dependable audio and so on and so on? C2 is awesome for quick things and in good hands for larger projects, but I suspect it's not going to be on the same page as Unity and Unreal Engine in the foreseeable future.

    If there's a chance to learn one of the major engines out there with some pros I would jump on it, especially if you are a programmer.

  • If you want to make a career as a programmer i guess C2 knowledge won't really be what most studios are looking for. It might be a plus, but i suggest learning one of the major languages as well. C2 knowledge can come handy in some cases down the line, and be a useful tool, but reality is that even with great knowledge in C2 i doubt you could call yourself a programmer, unless you join a studio working with C2.

    Although internships for other positions that doesn't require any programming skills might be of more interest in the same industry, if you don't care to learn any language.

    Game Designer, Project Manager, UX Designer, Leveldesigner, etc etc.

    There's a lot of positions in the industry that doesn't even touch code, but where skills and understanding of game design using tools like C2 would be a merit.

  • What do they know about C2 anyway, show them best games built with C2

  • Surely it's the results, not the tools, that matter? Maybe show them some of the top C2 games (The Next Penelope, Airscape etc) to show them what it can really do.

    You mean the games whose developers said they will NOT being using Construct 2 for future games?

  • As an industrial designer, I was asked, during interviews, which softwares I knew ( 3D modeling and drawing/sketching).

    And let me tell you it's like a fashion. When Rhino was starting to be hype in the design industry, then Rhino was a must have on your resume...

    As a result, most people ended up lying.

    • A// Because most of recruiter don't know what those softwares are. And they just need to check a box. Do you know Unity? yes/no. You're in or you're out.
    • B// Software isn't that hard to learn... I switched from 3Dsmax to Maya, to Alias, to whatever you name it. Most of those softwares have hundred of tutorials on youtube, books and a good forum/community.

    If they ask you to learn Unity for a really interesting internship, just say you're familiar with it and you're always curious about the new add-on and functionality of it. Learning a coding language in the other hand is absolutely impossible in a short amount of time... And by that I mean less than 2 or 3 years...

    I fully agree when people say it's the result that is important and the tool is just a way to get there. Look at the Unreal Engine. It's for free, but do you have the skills to make a full high poly AAA game? No way, remember that Ubisoft's studio that makes Assasin Creed's has more than 1000 people, Candy crush represent at least 200 full time employees... Remember you can only do so much. They're maybe testing you're ambition and ability to learn new stuff. Just say you do have what it takes and look confident, check videos on youtube, get familiar with the basics, and learn because that's what internship are for.

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