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  • I like to work with C2 but it has no 3D Engine, to work in isometric view is possible (difficult and limited), but "real" 3D is much better. I wanna work with BlenderGame Engine or/and Leadwerks Game Engine. Basic of BlenderGame Engine isn't so difficult, but for Leadwerks Game Engine i have to learn Lua scripting. I would be glad when i could install a C2 plugin (adapted for 3D) in these engines. I bought Leadwerks because it supports Oculus Rift, blender import and light/shadow quality.

    I tested Q3D demos, but this quality isn't so good.


  • Please, pay attention to what and where you are posting.

    Moved this topic to "Open topic", because that what it is, nothing to see with website issue.

    Good luck with Blender and Lua.

  • I don't wanna stop to use C2, because i could work fast with it. Example it is good to create 2D, isometric games, prototypes for 3D and software apps. By the way i bought Spriter Pro, because i can use it with C2!

  • Why is Q3D quality "not so good". It uses all the latest WebGL tech, and in fact is as good as html5 3D in games gets right now, I make it a point to ensure the code is as performant as I can, and try to support as many features as i can.

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  • QuaziGNRLnose

    I might record and show you.

    Your tank demo has clipping mistake. Your head demo has no collisiondetection so i can't chek this. Your morphing walking demo: less polygon models. When key released, models walkcycle don't stop, i don't no why. Last morphing demo looks not so good. For me it is no matter which technologie you use. Compare to Blender and leadwerks i can not say that your engine has the same quality, that's why not so good, sorry.

    Can you program a interface between leadwerks and C2? Shadertool for Blender(?) looks good but scripting is not mine. I think i would buy interface between c2 and leadwerks.

  • Leadwerks and Blender aren't running in a browser, not really a fair comparison. In any case, high poly models are possible and preventing camera clipping is up to a user to implement, not a limitation/mistake in Q3D.

  • Leadwerks and Blender aren't running in a browser, not really a fair comparison.

    I didn't say that your engine is not good. For me it is not important that an engine running in a browser. Leadwerks runs on Android, so it doesn't matter that it doesn't run in a browser. Compare q3d with my isometric view is not so easy to say which technic is better.

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