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  • You know i was thinking C2 is advertised as being able to make or produce a game without writing a single line of code but when u think about it to really master Construct 2 and use it to its full potential as in getting the most out of C2 too me i believe its best too start off learning a programming language like javascript for example does anyone out there agrees with me ?

  • It certainly helps to have a bit of that programming logic - to understand how "computer logic" works, what loops are like, etc.

    Hard for me to tell, since I had been programming for a good while before using C2, but it just cannot be beat for SPEED from idea to something testable.

  • Programming skills are not needed. It can help but even a pro porgrammer will be lost in the beginning.

    What you need to master is the soft itself. Some basic programming concepts and algorithmic logic (logic put simply).

    And yeah some maths formulas at least understanding them because most of them are in-built c2 functions.

    The other stuff is a plus. I would recommend learning php et mysql. Very useful for c2 jobs

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  • What do php have to with game development i thought that was more for web development correct me if im wrong

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