Is buying a personal license worth the money?

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  • I am making some games but I can't add ads or sell the games without a license, the games look pretty good, but I'm wondering... Will I get a profit out of the purchase? My apps are Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Phone apps, and I will use ads and IAP for income.

  • If you make money or not is not up to C2. That's entirely up to you, and your game. People here have and do make money selling C2 built games.

    Edit: Is it worth the money? To me, every cent and more. I love this thing.

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  • Think about how much more are you going to use it. If you think "A lot" then maybe yes, it's worth it - merely because of all the usage you'll get from the features exclusive to the full-version.

  • yeah totally buy it, then get the business edition when you have $5,000 and you only have to pay $480 according to the licence uela once you have more than $4,999 you must buy the business edition to continue making money, and who knows if you market correctly and set the right price on the store of the markets you could become a millionaire in a matter of hours, all depends on the quality of the game and how good it is and how fun it is, and then you just have to experiment with the pricing of the game on multiple stores... One other key factor is that your games are original and with your own resources and that your not infringing on a copy right of another game or stealing their resources, or engine.

  • It's worth much more compared to its competitor, and it's for a lifetime.

  • If you are serious in developing games, than the families feature alone makes it worth <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> And as far as I know, legally you can only make free games with free version? So, I think you don't have a choice.

    For more details about licenses see this: ... enses-work

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