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  • I everybody... this is my first off topic of this forum

    I'm ready to get a mac to try and publish an app from construct2 and start to use xCode and study new things....

    I need a suggestion about what mac I should buy to export the app and make a new one with a software of mac....

    I'm thinking about this performance of macBook:

    2,4 GHz intel Core 2Duo

    ram 8GB 1067 Mhz DDR3

    SSD 256 GB

    Will be fine? I use photoshop and other software to make graphics on my computer.... I need mac just to export and try xcode or cocos2d for example...

    thank you very much

  • In theory a better computer is always the best but if you want it to test the games you make is not the best option.

    IE. I have a Z1 smartphone and my game works really fluid, but if i try with my old phone xperia mini pro it works not so good so i need to improve the game to be more fluid for old phones.

  • Hi Ribis,

    C2 doesn't need a whole lot of processing power to use effectively, so you shouldn't worry about that. Those that will really push the computer to its limits are 3D and video editing softwares when it does its rendering. Photoshop and other graphics software depends more on the graphic cards and RAM than processor power. And only certain software will actually utilize the amount of cores a computer has, so check to see if the softwares you are planning to use takes advantage of it. If not, RAM and graphic cards might be higher on your priority list.

    Haha like katzin says, it will be good to test your game on an older computer or older phone depending on what you are targeting. I use my old xperia neo to test out my games as well. If they perform badly, I know I need to change things.

    Hopefully this was of some help to you.

  • thank you for the reply, but I means, I need the mac just to export my game from (windows) to the iphone to get on itunes...

    I'm asking if this mac is good for this, but maybe yes

  • did you buyed the mac? which one you buyed?

  • did you buyed the mac? which one you buyed?

    I will buy the new mac book pro (maybe retina display) on this month...

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  • Wow, good luck on that!

  • I've been using a 2011 11" macbook air for iOS development for the past few years. It is the bare-bones 2011 Core i3 model with 2 GB of ram and a 60 GB solid state drive. It is still as fast as the day I bought it (SSD and a lack of antivirus software really help!). It blows my "faster" windows laptops out of the water in everyday use.

    My only problem is the drive space. I run Adobe Fireworks, Text Wrangler, xcode, Dropbox, and that's it. Every time I update xcode or the O/S (currently running on Mavericks) I have to delete a bunch of stuff then put it back on again. I am constantly bumping up against the 60 GB limit.

    No matter what you buy if you buy new you will be able to run everything just fine. A new machine with 4 GB of ram works great. 8 GB is even better. Just make sure you get enough drive space to put your stuff on. 128 GB is probably fine, while 256 GB will give you plenty of room to grow for a long time.

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