Should i buy C2personal on Steam or on Scirra ?

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  • having trouble deciding which to choose, i mostly use Steam but i don't know if it makes a difference if i buy it here

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  • Doesn't make a lot of sense to buy on steam - especially right now.

    On C2 is 30% off.

    As a bonus you have more liberty - you get a key and the program is yours (even allowed to install it e.g. on you laptop and desktop)

  • I strongly suggest that you get it from the Scirra website, my steam version has been nothing but troubles and as mentioned above, you do get teh liberty to deal with multiple instances of C2. I am even thinking of getting the personal licence again from scirra as working daily in C2, the Steam version has become the source of many troubles (app crashes, won't reload unless all instances of NW.js are ended, etc)

  • erickson400 - Get the website version! Steam has a lot of bloatware that sometimes interrupts Construct 2. Construct 2 also sometimes crash / lag there caused by Steam related problems, that's just what I heard from the others though.

    It is better to have your program in an independent state than having 2 programs run just to open 1.

  • As a Steam user, I can honestly say that I've not had any issues with Steam's version of Construct 2. With Steam you're automatically registered when you download it, all you have to do is sign into steam. It works fine on both Laptop and Desktop for me. Having more than one instance of it open at a time seems unnecessary, unless you're working on more than one game at a time, which sounds problematic to imo.

    I bought the Steam version after much consideration and I haven't regretted the decision, but you should also weigh your options before you make your decision

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