bug in Android app and Server Side

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  • We need help to fix bug in Android app and Server Side ( communication between app and server "online" "offline").

    We are looking for expert developer in the following:

    1- JBoss Netty server. or something based on java.

    2- Web Socket API or message pack.

    3- Java Expert.

    4- Socket IO,

    5- Expert in Server and Client Sides.

    we have already bluid a deashborad and Android application but at now we find some bug in this point : *Connection between PHP (server) and Android (client) Using HTTP and JSON.

    at now we can t get good result at status of users "online " and "offline" status of network or wifi .

    insome version in android work well but in 5.0 version and more, after a while the phone lock screen The server socket is disconnect,The client is not active disconnect

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