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Template for dungeon/maze generation, using wave function collapse
  • can somebody suggest some beginner books or articles on procedural generation?

    lately i was very much intrigued by this concept and wanted to try this in construct, read about two different algorithms(one by chevy-ray and another one midpoint displacement) but couldn't apply them properly.

    Any help?

    edit: i think I posted this in the wrong section, can any mod please move this thread to open topic

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  • I adopted a pseudo random number generation algorithm based on a seed from an article I think was from Gamasutra. Its used in Eden's infinite world. I'll try and find the link as it was sent me from another forum member

  • experimented some more and was able to make a minecraft2d-ish thing, but still my approach is pretty clumsy. Here is a cap-

    <img src="">

    the concept is pretty simple, generate the next tile depending upon the position of the previous one.

    Alter with the values of 'store' var to generate different types of terrain.

    right now it's not looking good since i am unable to generate the tiles beneath the grass tiles.

    (I tried once but the events for that are toggled off, since it slows down everything)

  • Using the Perlin noise plug.

    Interesting little tip. You can treat the noise just as you would an image.

    Ever notice when you scale an image by width, but not height, it stretches the content?

    Also added a canvas to deal with the issues of too many sprites.

  • thanks for the example but could you explain why the first loop runs from 1 to 20 and second loop runs from 3 to 20??

    this is the first time i saw that plugin since it's not listed in the completed addons section

  • Sure.

    The loop places tiles in 32 pixel increments, so basically its saying don't start setting any tiles until your at least 3 tile widths down.

    Gives you the space to move around in.

    They really should move that one to official.

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