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  • Hello Construct users,

    Today after several months of hard work we finished our first music video/short film animation. This was my first time in such a big project as an Art director / illustrator in a video.It's called BO and it's a story based on the last song from the album Yearling by greek band Whereswilder.

    You can watch it here

    Beside this I would like to tell you that in the course of those months I had some difficulties that could be solved Really easy if Construct 2 had an video / image siquence (.jpg , .tiff , .png) export option. Things like the rain drops or some parralax effects would be piece of cake to create and control on Construct 2 instead of AE where possibilities end with the given sliders.

    This is just an idea, mainly searching if anyone else has/had the same need.

    Thank you for your time.

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  • Really awesome video.

    If you can make a tutorial, how did you make some of the effects in the clip, this will be very great.

    Keep the good work.

  • A0Nasser Of course I could, or maybe point you at some other's tutorial covering the same thing. But what effect exactly are you referring to ?

    Most of the effects are made from scratch using Adobe After effects,

    others like the rain was tested in construct 2 experiments made months before.

    Rain template first demo made with construct

  • Cool until he dived. You used C2 to create this?

    It rembers me on

  • JamesXXXYZ

    No. As I said before I would like Construct 2 to offer me an image sequence export option for some controllable effects,

    The main tools used are Photoshop, Flash, Cacani, After effects.

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