1 big screen or 2 smaller ones?

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  • Hey guys. I'm used to work with 2 x 24" 1920x1200 screens but about month ago one of the broke and today second one broke.

    I'm looking around to get some new ones but can't decide if I should go with the same setup 2 x 24" or maybe get one but bigger, like 27" 3840 x 2160.

    Do someone have any experience with working on high resolution screens? Making and testing projects from C2 + photoshop + illustrator + after effects + premiere and all other game/graphic/movie/game stuff.

  • Personally 2x 24" for the simple reason of productivity. I used to work 1 screen (biggest I could afford), but since switching to 2 screens, I will never go back. I am even considering a 3rd now.

    If you want big for testing (nothing beats your lounge Tv - currently mine is 50" samsung tv)

    If you want to work. 2 screens will see you being more productive

  • DUTOIT Yeah, I really like 2 screens workflow. Can I ask you what kind of screens you are using?

    There's so many different types of models now I have no idea what to choose

    Don't want to spend 1000$ or so each on some super pro led screen, cause I know I will never fully use them.

    I really like this one Dell UltraSharp 24" U2412M and got nice reviews, They all just saying that the plastic cover and buttons are not so great, but honestly I'm rather interested how it works than how it looks

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  • Currently - I got a proline 24" (primary) and a acer 18" (secondary). These sizes just work for me.

    As I said I want a third now, so probably get a samsung or another proline (had zero issues with this brand). Maybe a 27" or another 24".

    Brands and models - I have no idea - lol. I favour proline and samsung.

    Agreed, I care nothing for looks. I care about longevity and functionality.

    I'm lucky, I get most of my pc stuff for cost thanks to my brother-in-law.

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