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  • My next project is probably a INI-based RPG top-down shooter game. With friendly and hostile NPCs, dialogues, items, maps and anything else CUSTOMIZABLE VIA INIs.

    Sounds awesome, right? But how is this going to work? I made a quick scheme, but I need your help to optimize it.


    INIs :

    items.ini - contains weapons and items

    player.ini - SPECIAL stats, health, and other stats

    characters.ini - NPCs and enemies


    Sounds easy, right? What about inventories? They're a pain in the ass. I still didn't figure out how to make a optimized inventories system.

    I don't really have any idea, I need your help!

  • You would probably need sub categories ie character-playable, character -non playable, items usable- items -weapons, .etc.

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  • catalog all items in the items.ini file like you currently have but instead of a player.ini file, use save files:



    etc ...

    and instead of a characters.ini file you could perhaps have:



    for the inventories, it's all a matter of reading the ini and loading the values into variables and the finding a pleasing way to display and interact with them. to make the items.ini work with the save files, you can give each item an index number and the player save file can just reference the index number instead of all the item's details

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