Bad Box Art Game Jam 2017

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  • Just got this notification from GameJolt if anyone wants to participate and represent Scirra engine:

    Bad Box Art Challenge is back for its second year!

    Terrible box art has been around ever since the earliest computer games were etched onto floppy disks and encased in cardboard for display on store shelves. The most gobsmacking examples make you wonder if the artist ever even played the game. But what if those wonky renderings accurately depicted the games inside the boxes they adorned?

    Announcing the 2017 Bad Box Art Jam!

    Make a game based on a box cover from our Gallery of Trash. Keep the game's title or choose a new one, but use all of the elements present in the art (excluding logos and labels). You will have 72 hours to work your magic.

    Start: Friday, March 24 at 12am (Eastern Time)

    Deadline: Monday, March 27 at 12am (Eastern Time)

    Voting will be done by jam participants and will take place during the week following the end of the jam, until April 2.

    Participate by adding a game page to Game Jolt and tagging it #badboxart2017 after the jam starts. Be sure to upload your game before the deadline.

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