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  • Well, I can't describe how insanely awsome this is. And i just started to laugh of excitement when I tried to immagine all the things you can create for this.

    Well basically. It's a headset that can read your mind, for 300 bucks. You record a thought, (like immagine your character running), and the next time you think it, the headset recognize it and sends a signal that you can use for whatever you want.

    let it sink in.

    Read that text again.

    Then watch this video: ... waves.html

    I might be exaggerating when I say this, but I'm probably not. This technology is the future, and it will take over the world within a couple of years. I'm buying one as soon as i can afford it, but someone needs to program a plugin for construct before it can be used. I will love the person who makes that plugin for eternity, and so will the rest of the community, and also the rest of the world after they've played all the awsome mind-controlled games we'll be creating.

    Quote from the support:

    "The official supported programming language is C++ and C#. Wrappers for other languages such as Delphi can be created and we've seen open source support (not Emotiv's code) for this, e.g., The main Control Panel application and the underlying libraries are written in C++ but many of our apps are written in C#. The SDK system has a .NET wrapper making it compatible with many different application languages. Developers are writing code in VB.NET, C++ and C#."

    And here's a link to the manual:

    I'm fizzing inside with excitement. Hope you get the same feeling.


  • Ive seen the vid Somewhere on the news as well.Looks like a wikd app for couch potatoes.Im waiting for xbox360's kinect and for the ps3's new stuff.Id like to move it move it lol.

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  • I think an awesome application for this technology would be a painting application where you could try to visualize shapes and pull them onto the canvas. Hopefully after the technology has more time to mature something like this would be feasible.

  • Truly, lot of possibilities, and not just for gaming.

    Interesting is how each user must create a map in order to use it. The security benefits from that alone have some astounding implications.

    I remember that commercial from when PS2 came out, and talked about a future version where there was a neural interface.

    It was all fiction,... but look at the possibilities now.

  • I can think of SO many games and applications to make with this. I would love to have a platform game where you controll a character traditionally with keys, but you have psychic powers and can do a bunch of cool stuf with your mind! The crazy part is that you actually have to practice focusing your thoughts to be good at this. Just like it wuld be to have real psychic powers.

  • This is indeed very exciting! I will be getting one for sure, and if a plugin is developed for Construct i think i will do a backflip.

  • A friend of mine got one, so I might get to try it out


    do keep in mind devices like these are just like OCR: they recognize patterns based on training.

    So no, imagining an object will not suffice to bring it onscreen, unless you had the object created and the system trained to the thought and that training associated to the creation of the object beforehand. Just like handwriting OCR, it won't work out of the box.

    Also, positioning isn't simple. A single thought pattern will be detected, which means "move here" is a different thought than "move there" and thus cannot be abstracted as a directed motion command.

    SO.... you'll have "move right", "move left" commands instead of "go over there" commands. I saw this in a test video where they attached mouse motion to thoughts. It was veeeery slow, since thoughts are gradual you cannot attach speed to recognition percentage and this forces a on-off only switch.

    So yeah. It's still cool though, and recognition seems MUCH improved over what I last saw (single shot 8-second training? Wow.). Also, no gel

    I would have liked a demo with a non-bald guy though.

  • I would have liked a demo with a non-bald guy though.

    No, mind reading is only for bald people. Everyone is bald in the future.

  • Wow, that was really cool. Reminds me of some old Mind control games, but way more complex. I think I might just have to make this my next "toy" to buy.

    Unfortunately, their SDK license seems really restrictive. I may not be reading it right, but it doesn't look like you could make a plugin for Construct and distribute it freely. Could anyone clarify their policy on distributing games??

  • They have 24/7-evenonchristmas(!!!)-chat-support, so just ask them.

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