Augmented reality coloring book damn!

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An interactive story book template with narration, find hidden images, settings, pages, character interaction.
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  • California

    That is beyond amazing! I'm surprised theres no comments on here.

  • <img src="smileys/smiley41.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> thx

  • That is really cool. I can see AR being a lot more common for gaming in 20 years. We are seeing phone games becoming standard. So i'm looking forward to seeing AR in the coming days :)

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  • This wouldn't be done with C2 right? If it can, whoever did the plugin please contact me asap for a job.

  • Pariunos: Beware of the posting date of topics. You've just bumped a year old thread.

    The app featured wasn't indeed done with C2.

    Although, in the passing year, we've add some additions to C2 and third-part addons which makes it almost possible to do such an app with C2 nowaday.

    First, you got to be aware, there is a bunch of "preprogrammed" images that can be used. One can not just make a picture of any drawing they made and *magic* have it as a 3D model on their device.

    Anyway, user media plugin helps you take pictures.

    The third-part commercial plugin Q3D allows you to display 3D. To be determined if it works on mobile devices though.

    And the "almost" part comes from the fact that you need to recognize the shape taken in picture.

    In the absolute it's doable, since there's been a QRCode Decoder plugin that pretty much does that.

    You also need this recognized shape to become a texture to apply in real time to the model displayed by Q3D. And I don't know if that can be done.

    Possibly another third-part plugin could help on that I guess.

    Anyway this very app wasn't made with C2, but in the year that has passed since it was first talked about, C2 could now almost allow you to make such an app.

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