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  • Alright I'm having this issue when previewing my game. About 50 % of the time the game refuses to load in all the assets, replacing them with black boxes. Any ideas on how to fix it? This is a problem both with Chrome and Node-Webkit. Never an issue though after exporting to an actual game.

    The game has become rather large, clocking close to 300 mb, but the problem being so inconsistent, I wonder if it's something else that's to blame?

    How it often looks:

    How it should look:


  • 300mb is still an extraordinary amount of memory for a 2D game to use, and the problem is likely that you're hitting some kind of limit - especially if that's the compressed file size, rather than the in-memory size. See Remember not to waste your memory.

  • Well yes it's definately very big. The ram consumption is due to having a ton of animation frames, even in all the environment assets.

    I know construct may not be designed for such animation heavy assets, but are there still ways to increase any limits set by either chrome, node webkit or construct itself during testing? The game runs fine even on laptops, it's just the inconsistency with the loading that's really troublesome. This is also an issue with ajax files in preview mode.

  • I have a animations heavy game: download size atm 35mb, hardly any aduio yet, and half of the graphics in.

    In the begnning i used one layout with all my assets ... but this grew big ... up to a point where it said memory usage 160mb.

    I came to find out this indicator is the largest amount of memory any of my layouts use.

    So I took a deeper look and found that splitting the pbjects layout for assets into smaler, worked very well.

    So now I have an objects layout for my player chracters, I have a layout for soley enemies characters and animations, and have a decicated layout with Level props and items.

    Download still 35mb, but max memory usage dropped to around 80mb !!!!

    In short, the memroy usage indicator isnt a realiable measurement for memory usage, but more an indictor what the size of the largest memory iis from your layouts. (values indicates one layout)

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  • But the actual memory usage in-game on a given level still remains the same right?

  • I would say thats dependant on your mechanics.

    So in effect, no, the memory usage is not the same.

  • I sent you a PM of why I think some of your assets aren't loading.

    From what I can tell, some of the assets are really big and need to divided into smaller parts that are easier for Construct to work with.

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