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  • LOL I wouldn't dare to post my stuff after these two guys.


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  • Guys, you make me depressed ?_?

  • And that's why I'm a programmer!

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  • Loads of great artwork here people! Lol, Pinkie Pie, always awesome :D

    I'm new here, been looking at Construct 2 for the past week or so and have only been following along some tutorials so far. Hoping to make my own games some day.

    In the meantime I make art for others. Here are some samples of the stuff I made. (naysayers will be dismissed as *artistically challenged* ;), but good critiques are always welcome). Disclaimer: the unreleased game pieces are shown with permission of the owners or licensees.

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    Girl for iOS game Bingo Run

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    Angela, character design and production painting for an app marketing effort ... so technically not a game

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    Personal project

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    Paladin concept art

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    Creature of the Week over at

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    1 of 5 maps for iOS game Arms Cartel Global. 3D models of buildings made by somebody else, paintover, background and integration by me.

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    Sushi related game pitch, unreleased game

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Full graphic design for iOS game, unreleased game

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    8D rotation of soldier for 2D shooter, unreleased game

  • o.o i want to be in this topic jealous! :'( , i hope soon ^^

  • Dyre

    I'm glad you joined!!! Your art feels incredibly personal!! Keep creating it!!!

    Congrats to everyone who have posted!! Amazing productions!

  • RicoD your work is fantastic!

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    Pixel Artists Represent!

    I have more stuff but can't be bothered to look through my hard drive before I sleep. <img src="smileys/smiley11.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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    bio-machine-soldiers inside long sense abandoned mega city

    <img src="" border="0" />

    fire fight, for totally unrelated reason

    actually set in the same world though, just above the clouds.

    the idea is this world covered with a huge mega-city had some kinda disaster unleashed upon it. covering the surface in turbulent storms, and a dimension warping fog

    opening path ways to other worldly demons.

    however the tops of the city's towers rose above the storms. and the people in these towers were the only ones to survive. left to try and build again above the storms.

    these buildings were made out of extraordinarily durable metal, and have stood so long, sediment has collected on them for hundreds of thousands of years, creating large plateaus amongst them. a world so old there's ruins on top of ruins.

    but despite the dark setting, everything above the clouds would have a light hearten feel to it. kinda like mega-man legends, or adventure time.

    the whole point was to come up with some interesting setting for a game like escape velocity, but with planes.

    were you could land on the Plautus, get out and wonder around action rpg style, then venture down into the cyber punk esc catacombs of a former mega-city's to collect artifacts....

    ....but then i decided to make a game about mini-golf.

  • messing with pixel stuff

  • Wrangler: Thank you, your taste is impeccable! ;)

  • one more scene

  • -

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