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  • Hello guys, i remember i've seen a thread not so long ago on creating RTS unit or something along.

    so yeah. i have my Death Platoon game in the oven but i just don't want to do code all time.

    In other word i offer my precious time to built game art for construct community.

    A bit in the same spirit of what you can find for Torque

    for sure i won't be able to build a full content pack in a week and i expect some help from you guys.

    My main problem is ideas. So tell me what you need and i'll do my best.

    Just use your brain before asking. i won't do your main character or enemy or anything for you specific game. I offer my help for a Starter pack, like a sci-fi pack, horror pack, platformer pack etc.

    Give me good idea, well described and chance are they will become true.

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  • How about a platform game art pack?

    If you did this, I'd really like it if we could start shipping Construct with art packs. How do you feel about that?

  • Ashley, might I make a suggestion? It might be a good idea to have the art packs separate, rather than bundled with Construct. Sort of like an "Extras" bonus pack. Everything could be set up in proper sprite or bg tile format already, with their animations or whatever (for when Construct supports cross-cap copypasta).

    They could even be bundled with Sound packs of royalty-free sounds.

    The only reason I suggest that it should be separate is, while it's nice to have art and sound resources available to those who need it, most people don't really need it. It would just be a waste of space for them. Sure, some people might use them for their own learning purposes but for the most part people are going to want to use their own art and sound in their projects. (To draw a comparison, take a look at the packs that Clickteam have for their products... only rarely do you ever see projects that actually use them. Though you do see the default blue diamond a lot .)

    And I suppose I could be bothered to contribute some tiles and sound effects to the cause. Though I'd also want to somehow include information on where users could go to find resources on how to create their own. I'm all about fostering independence .

  • Yeah as awesome as this would be, the actual core installer, should only be the bare necessities. Everything else should be optional in my opinion.

  • Of course, it'd have to be a separate media libraries download, to help beginners get started. Especially if we have 50mb of libraries or something, I'm not going to make the sole distributed installer be 60mb+

  • cool then where should i start? Platformer starter kit? sound like a good idea. plus i can show how badass i'm am by kicking the ass of those Torque guys ! (j/k)

    OK to make need clear here a list of what i think might be needed. If you think i should add or remove stuff please says so.

    Player X 1 : animated

    Enemy X 3 : animated ( maybe 3 size of enemy might be good. little bugger, medium, big guys.)

    environment prop: 5-10 maybe depending of the type of platformer ( Mario or Megaman??)

    background: because parallax is yummy

    I also tough of doing it in multiple size like doing a set of tile at 128px and one at 64Px... just an idea. maybe its overkill. i hope anyone playing with construct can have acces to photoshop, gimp or anyways something to shrink the art if needed.

    did i forgot something?

    Personally id go with a fantasy-kid-colorful-Mario-ish kind of look but if you think a sci-fi platformer would suit Construct better, go ahead. i'll just ignore you

  • Don't bother with different sizes - just draw them as big as you like. You can easily downscale in the layout editor, and if you zoom in at runtime, you get the detail back.

  • I remember the old art packs that came with Klik n Play. And then you had the Romeo game with the Pie Devil, that counting game wiht hedgehogs, the space shooter, and Reversi. Ah, those were the innocent days...

  • [quote:xus08o2f]bare necessities.

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  • <img src="">

  • bare necessities... mogli?? did i miss something here

  • here what i have now.

    some enemy. a draft of a level and boss.

    C&C are welcome

    <img src="">

    and the cap for those who what to look at it more closely.

    No need to says there is no animation yet, nor SFX . they will come soon.

  • Screenshot looks great! Keep up the good work Link to the .cap doesn't seem to be working right now.

  • Interesting style

    I really like the tiles especially. The characters are also very cool, but for an art set they could be a little too confining in terms of the types of games they could be used for... only because they are so unique in their appearance.

    While these are awesome and should definitely be included, I would recommend some more "generic" types of characters, like (for example) a guy in a white shirt and blue jeans... the every-hero.

    Keep it up though mate, it's lookin' great


  • thank for the input guys, Yeah i tough of this , that they were maybe too artsy, but hey, its a start.

    for the CAP here is a good link. Too bad i cant edit my post

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