Does Apple has countries restriction like Google ?

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  • Hi

    I`m thinking about switching my focus to IOS App Store instead of Android Google Play. The main reason is that Google does not allow me to sell my apps due to countries restriction here

    I can`t sell and even use their google IAP service. So If want to continue develop on android, I can only rely on ads for revenue and the apps need to be free...

    I already have Ipad4, thinking of buying MacMini just to upload the binary to App Store that I received or downloaded from CocoonJS cloud.

    I just need confirmation, does Apple has this countries limitation like google ?


  • Hi Guys

    Does anybody knows about this ?

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  • Yes both distribution companies do have country restrictions. However I do not know the the differences.

    But I do know I have tried to buy an APP on IOS, but wasn't unable to even find the app due to a country restriction of some EU location.

  • jayderyu

    Thank you for your reply. For my case, I cant even create a google merchant account(because my country is not supported) So I cant use google IAP and sell the games or apps. I can only distribute my game for free and only using ads for revenue.

    I want to jump ship to IOS if they let me sell my games or apps. But I didnt see or found any list of countries or limitation like google.

    I just asked Apple IOS Developer support team about this. Let see what happens next.

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