Has anyone tried any 3D engines?

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  • So far Construct 2 is by far the easiest development tool I ever came across as a non-coder. The only thing that I feel construct is missing is the 3D support, so I've been looking around on what else is out there. Don't get me wrong, I'll still be using C2/C3 but just to see what the competition is doing (that supports 3D). I came across Goo Create which looks really nice, and has a State Engine for visual scripting, but still....

    Goo Create is based on Goo Engine which is an Open Source engine that handles 3D remarkably well for it's tiny size. The editor looks solid, but it doesn't have the Event Sheet, and I didn't like the State engine.

    So far I found no 3D engines remotely similar when it comes to the Event Sheet. The event sheet way of making things interactive is by far the best approach I've tried. I feel that if Scirra were to implement some sort of 3D support in the future it would probably lure a whole lot of indie-devs to the camp. 2D is neat, but sometimes you just feel so restricted. As a non-coder (unwilling to even learn how to code) I don't feel there's much to choose from, unless you start coding, or team up with someone who does.

    Yes there's the Q3D, and Babylon plugins, but working with those in construct is a pain, since the editor doesn't support a 3D viewport.

    Construct I would say is by far the easiest tool, for solo devs, non coders, hobbyists, etc, but only lacks 3D... Other engines have 3D, but lack the event sheet. I think the first to combine both of these, will be laughing all the way to the bank... what do you think?

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