anyone seen Let the Right One In (L�t den r�tte komma in)?

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  • It's a Swedish vampire movie.

    Very good:

    <img src="">

  • yep, thought it was very, very good. Not too sure about the Hollywood remake - Let Her In - but it does have her from KickAss, so may be ok

  • I have seen the trailer some time ago. Looked really good. But had no time to see the whole movie yet :/

  • yep, thought it was very, very good. Not too sure about the Hollywood remake - Let Her In - but it does have her from KickAss, so may be ok

    I originally thought the same, because Chloe Moretz is awesome, but that was when I knew the basic plot but hadn't seen the movie, and here are some wikipedia copypastes"

    [quote:3rj06nhg]Producer Simon Oakes has made it clear that the plot of Let Me In will closely resemble that of the original film, except that it will be made "very accessible to a wider audience"; "[It has] the same beats, maybe the scares are a little bit more scary. We've been able to ramp that up quite a lot, obviously for budgetary reasons."

    [quote:3rj06nhg]The filmmakers have noted that "they intend to forge a unique identity for Let Me In, placing it firmly in an American context",

    and worst of all:

    [quote:3rj06nhg]"We're incredibly admiring of the original, but to be honest with you, that picture grossed $2 million. It's not like we're remaking Lawrence of Arabia."

    ?Donna Gigliotti, producer

    also, while not central to the story, they are removing the Eli's other secret (no spoilers),

    and the director will be the guy who did Cloverfield, which I actually thought was worth watching once, but not a truly great film, and certainly not in the caliber of Let the Right One In. Let the Right One In was so subtle and nuanced. It just sounds like he wants to turn it into a Hollywood blockbuster. So it might be good by those standards, but not classic like the original. By the way the screenplay for the original was written by the book's author

    also, found this interesting:

    [quote:3rj06nhg]The decision to make a new film adaptation has been criticized by Tomas Alfredson, the director of the Swedish film. He has stated on numerous occasions that he is not in favor of remaking his film.[17] "If one should remake a film, it's because the original is bad. And I don't think mine is", he said.[18] He also opined that "remakes should be made of movies that aren't very good, that gives you the chance to fix whatever has gone wrong. I'm very proud of my movie and I think it's great, but the Americans might have another opinion. The saddest thing for me would be to see this beautiful story made into something mainstream. I don't like to whine, but of course ? if you spent years on painting a picture, you'd hate to hear buzz about a copy even before your vernissage!"

  • One of my fave movies that. I doubt the remake can match the eerie atmosphere of the original. They might realise this and have Blade come in and he'll surely Kick Ass (couldn't resist) just for a few extra $$$ at the boxoffice, but they'll have to wait on Snipes getting out of prison! Saying that, REC was a cool movie and the remake wasn't too bad. So who knows....

  • Yeah, I saw this just three weeks ago. Good movie! Crazy ending too...

  • Looks AMAZING, I just ordered it from the library, Can't wail till it gets here!

  • One of the best movies I've seen. Ever.

    I wrote about it on my blog once, I was amazed by how my interpretation on the movie was totally different from reviewers on my country and even some of my friends. I left the cinema so amazed I wrote a small argument for a game inspired by it - not the vampire theme, but about how the "love" the main characters feel for each other. Wow, now I wanna watch it again!

    I love it, it is definetly my favorite movie of this decade.

  • Great movie I watched it because it was posted here.

    I was creeped out by the one naked scene but after thinking about it proved to make the file even better. That scene was a huge in how much it told about what was really going on.

    I am wondering how the remake will fare? In fact why do a remake?

  • Guyon, indeed. Why do a remake, especially only 2 years after the original! I don't mind remakes if done properly, 'cause sometimes it's hard to read the subs when I'm trying to watch what's going on. I'm just not sure about that girl out of Kick Ass though (yeah she's been in loads of other stuff, but since that's the movie that made her, that's how I'll refer to her . She certainly doesn't seem to have that eeriness about her that the original girl did, judging by the short trailer anyway. We'll see...

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  • ** Possible Spoiler ALert **

    The thing about hollywood is - it doesn't usually do 'deep', and this film has great depth, and can be seen at different, sometimes divergent levels.

    The premise - as I saw it - is that a very old vampire, locked in a child's body, needs a human to protect and provide for her. The way she goes about this is looking for very young, potentially homicidal boys with no sense of morality, and a potential for extreme violence, and gradually makes them love her. Whether she ever feels anything thing for her protector is debatable, as every action she does, even to the 'accidental' glimpse of her nakedness, could be said to be contrived.

    The film is even better the second time around, and makes me think I will have to give the remake a very wide berth.

    I still haven't forgiven them for 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' remake

  • I still haven't forgiven them for 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' remake

    You're not alone there! That movie was such a let down....

    Back on topic, yep I watched it a second time and spotted things I missed the first. Damn I want to watch it again, but getting too drunk to read subs.... roll on the remake :p

  • The movie was translated in french

  • Do the vampires sparkle?

    Seriously, I've always like vampire movies, so I'll check it out.

  • I still haven't forgiven them for 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' remake

    *War of the Wolds Spoiler*

    My grudges go much deeper in that the Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruse on "War of the Worlds" turned a great story in to one man power display. If one guy helplessly captured inside a machine can take it out where is the danger? Or the boy running into the explosion that kills a full unit of solders (and machine?) just turns up fine at the every end uninjured is just ridicules. It may be the worst movie I have ever seen.

    Back on topic. I find the new name for Let the right one in called Let me in, defeats the entire puropse of the movie. The original title was huge in the story, so is this the hint that the remake has no clue what the original is about?

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