Anyone up for a mobile gaming benchmark?

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  • So, the idea i have is to create a benchmark for testing how well games perform on mobile platforms and how efficient each exporter is. Anyone want to try something like this and care to make a chart of the results? And no, i don't even have a .capx of something that could be considered a benchmark, just the idea.

    So, anyone who's less lazy than me should:

    1. make or find a benchmark

    2. register/setup these exporters:

         - PhoneGap

         - CocoonJS

         - Intel XDK (+Crosswalk)

    3. export your benchmark and run it

    4. observe the results, post them here

    5. profit

    Again, this is just a suggestion for the ones of you who have some spare time, i personally don't even have an android device with an up-to-date version of the OS to be able to use CocoonJS.

    Either way, don't you agree, that it would be nice to have a nice comparison of how well the exporters match up to each other + what the filesizes are for your projects?

    guise pls respond

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