Anybody with a Windows Phone that could lend a hand?

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  • So, I tried my luck on the Windows Phone market, by wrapping the HTML5 version of my game in a webview. I was barely able to hit 30fps on my Lumia 530, which is a low end device, so I thought that I'm successful However, I haven't tried any other device. If you have one, could you please test my game? Much appreciated - windowsphone . com/en-us/store/app/aquatic-rescue/153fce08-de77-44ec-8138-2b0f3f1ae614 - you don't have to buy it, just use "try" - it has first 20 levels free.

  • it runs pretty good on my 620, but sometimes it a lil bit slow.

    but it's reasonable because it was in a webview and 620 only has 512mb ram~

  • I've got a Nokia 520 and it runs OK.

    The 'tap to start button' seems unresponsive, it takes a few seconds before the menu options slide in. Gameplay FPS is OK though, which is promising. I was going to try Windows platoform for a few of my apps. Have you had many downloads?

    Are you using Ad Duplex?

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  • Thank you guys! Yes, I'm using AdDuplex because it has good reviews. I'm also using WP SDK 8.1 not sure how to downgrade, AdMob doesn't support that and as I read that is the only network that does pay something on WP (AdDuplex doesn't pay, only cross-promotes). I just uploaded the game, second day I had like 15 downloads, many of which I assume are by guys I asked to test it.

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