Animation: 2D or 3D?

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  • Pixar or Popeye? Shrek or Snow White? Which do you prefer?

  • Popeye and Snow White - actually I guess Olive might not be too keen on that!

  • I am more a 2D guy than a 3D guy, but when it is well done, I cannot complain about 3D, I wonder how would an animation "à la" Dragon quest 8 would look like actually..

    Also roger rabbit was really a good proof of 2D animation in real environnement, I wonder how much amount of work they put into that.

    Also cindarella song is now restuck in my head due to me thinking about that question, dammit disney.

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  • hundredfold

    Good one...<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">


    It's not that I don't like CG, but it frustrates me that it's seen as a replacement for traditional animation. They are just different things, different aesthetics. There are some great 2D films from the last decade or so, but most are peripheral at the box office. The Triplets of Belleville, Secret of Kells, The Illusionist...magnificent, beautiful films.

    If you like Roger Rabbit, you ought to look into Richard Williams lost masterpiece The Thief and the Cobbler.

    P.S. That new sig... <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title="Laughing">

  • TiAm frustrating indeed, some people do not get that coexistence of styles exists (for exemple, 3D modeled graphics in game exists, but 2D is still here for a long time, same for animation), and would prefer one thing only to exist for simplicity sake I would guess, quality is never defined by the style itself (or tool in the large picture, as long as they are working) you have chosen, but by the use you make of it (with respects of specifications for the non artistic domains).

    I saw triplets of belleville when I was younger, I remember not really understanding what happened but the animation was good.

    However, for the thief and the cobbler it seems that there are multiple versions and I did not heard only good things about all of them, qo I do not know which one I should watch (and how to, as I would guess aquiring some of those version would be kinda hard.)

    Also, I should rewatch snow white, as I think it was the first "long metrage" movie with color and voices (I remember the old tape, there was a making off I think after the movie, was too young to really bother at the tile I saw it)

  • I love 3D Animations that are Cel Shaded, so that they look like 2D. Cartoon-Ception!^^

  • Popeye and Snow White. 3D animation is cool, but I like 2D more. I think 2D has a lot more charm.

    FYI: Sony is making a 3D Popeye film. Here's a link. The animation test starts at 2:02.

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  • Well, here's something awesome I came across a couple days ago: ... mated-film


    The Thief and the Cobbler is pretty weak on plot, but the animation is mind-boggling considering it was done in the pre-computer era. The best version available is the so-called 'The Recobbled Cut Mark 4', which is probably the most elaborate fan edit ever...though, fair warning, it's legality is dubious. If you do watch it, don't watch on youtube...the quality is horrendous. It's pretty easy to find with a little google-fu. Wikipedia has some info here: ... n_attempts

    Interesting side note: Many characters in Thief have some shockingly close analogues in 'Aladdin' much so that the bastardized versions of Thief released in the early 90's ('Arabian Knight' and 'The Princess and the Cobbler') were widely panned as blatant ripoff's of Disney's genie-powered classic.

  • Gimme some spinach.

  • Popeye looks great! looking forward to it

  • Popeye is a good guy !

  • Pixar or Popeye? Shrek or Snow White? Which do you prefer?

    1. 3D / 2. Isometric / 3. 2.5D / 4. 2D (I like to work in 3D).

  • Popeye is the boss I feel like Pixar animations today are way to over-animated.

  • Pixar or Popeye? Shrek or Snow White? Which do you prefer?

    Pixar definetly , popeye wsa watching it when i was a kid cause i dident had a computer till age of 14 so i couldnt see other cartoons, shrek or snow white = mhmm though choise Shrek i guess since snow white its for childrens under age of 7 shrek how ever was good at beggining the 1st one the other not that good in my opinion or maybe im to old for this post wops , TiAm so Pixar and Shrek

  • I prefer hand made over computer. Hand drawn wins.

    Also, have you seen Coraline? It is stop motion animation of puppets but made so awesome that it would make you think it is CG...

    And of course there are bad versions of all kinds. Bad lazy hand drawn animation and awful fake looking stop motion with long "stops". Bad lazy cg work. lazy = bad.

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