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  • I'm curious to know how many here use either or none or something else.

    I used a Blackberry for several years and switched to iPhone about 3 years ago. As much as I loved the Blackberry brand, it just fell way behind the iPhone when I made the switch.

  • I only got into the smartphone game 2 years ago with an iPhone. I liked it a lot, but I have recently moved over to Android.

    I'm not as impressed by the variety of apps for Android as I was with iOS but I really like being able to customize my phone without having to "jailbreak" it. Although, this didn't stop me from rooting my current phone and loading a ROM on it :>

    I have a blackberry for work that I use as little as possible.

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  • for the love of god...please don't let this flame bait get started.

  • Im on android. Use it nonstop for everything, web is perfect, irc is awesome(andchat).

    Glad everyone else finally caught up speedwise to iphone, cuz apple always kinda irritates me with all their policies, and closed systems, and uncustomizability to the point where the way they are as a company makes me skip over their products even when they are superior

  • I'm on android (Samsung Galaxy S Captive). And I love it! I rooted it but have yet to add a ROM, just never found one I was fond of. Sadly though, because I am on AT&T, it's only 2.1 instead of 2.2 or 2.3 :( But I will upgrade the firmware once I am back home :D As for the apps, there are really only a few apps I use that often. Sure there are a few games for iPhone I can't play on Android, but all of my productivity apps and other daily use apps are on my phone.

  • I've always avoided having a smartphone! I'm online so much already, I don't think the internet is ready for me to be on it any more :)

  • I am on Andriod (X10 Mini Pro).Prefer it over iPhone because I didn't have to sell one of my kidneys to buy it.

    Rooted my phone a few days ago since SE wasn't ready to give a Android 2.3 update to the X1o mini pros.

    As for apps, I hate almost all the games that come out for smartphones mainly because they lack gameplay. I was really excited when I bought a smartphone simply because of the new capabilties, but what did I get? A bunch of pathetic touch screen games like throwing paper in a basket and a sh*t Crush the Castle clone. The only games I play on my phone are some GBA games using an emulator.

  • for the love of god...please don't let this flame bait get started.

    Sorry to disappoint bro, but that's not my intention.

    I seem to think that it would make sense to make a tutorial geared more towards mobile uses for Construct 2 if the interest is there. For now, I have a touch based event working for iPhone for my game that I am porting to Construct 2.

    Peace out.

  • Sorry to disappoint bro, but that's not my intention.

    i had no problem with your thread. i'm working on porting an app to both iphone and android using appmobi and posting about the experience.

    i was just worried that the 'discussion' would digress to what mac/android discussions usually move towards...the lowest common denominator.

    glad it didn't.

  • ...

    i was just worried that the 'discussion' would digress to what mac/android discussions usually move towards...the lowest common denominator.

    glad it didn't.

    lol...yes, I see your point. The crowd here is bit different and it's a good sign.

    At any rate, porting this over to the mobile space is what I ultimately want to do as I have a few projects on the horizon and C2 looks to be a good candidate.

  • A friend of mine has both an iPad and an iPhone (I've also converted him to Construct ^^). I've poked at the iPad a bit and it's pretty nice to use (sooo much better having one of those instead of a bulky laptop when dm'ing!). I'll eventually get an Android tablet though. It seems to suit my needs better.

  • I have an iPad and looking at a Galaxy Tab for an upcoming project, and yes, it is much more convenient than a laptop for some things that needs to get done.

  • Android Any day,

    Here are some cool pointers

    Is is rightly said about Apple, �They take a technology that already exists, improve it a bit and sell it as the second coming.� That was one of the Android staffer�s analysis of the iPhone 4S launch and we struggle to find a more succinct interpretation of what was unveiled in Cupertino, California a few days back by Tim Cook.

    Here are some of the Features where Android beats iOS hands down

    Ice-Cream Sandwich vs iOS 5

    The launch of iOS 5 is a key selling point for the iPhone 4S, yet it�s by no means exclusive to that handset. As you should all know by now, Android�s Ice Cream Sandwich update is due next week on 11 October, launched has been delayed, however we�ll be able to give a clearer head-to-head then but we�re pretty confident it will withstand the challenge.

    This may sound funny but, key iOS 5 features include improved Twitter connectivity, iMessage, which will face stiff competition from BBM for Android and WhatsApp, and location-based reminders. These all features are already done a year back or is in the works for Android and hardly the smartphone war�s �Golden horse�.

    Siri vs Voice Action for Android

    Let�s not be unfair, Siri does look a fairly impressive piece of tech if it works to its full potential as they�ve presented it to be.

    Is it a brand new invention though? BIG NO.

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