Amazon is giving away free CS2 GameDesign book !

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  • Hey guys,

    Since I stumbled upon this post by sheer coincidence, I wanted to thank you for spreading the word! It's great to see so many happy readers find the book and I'd like to see the free download go to as many Construct 2 users as possible (it did well, but you guys are the ones I'd like to see the book go to). Said this, those who want to be informed about future "promo days" can follow me on Twitter, as I am working on a new update for the book.

    The new update will include an additional game design for a popular type of game and, in addition, lessons in digital art from a professional artist (who also designed the cover of the book). Furthermore, new interviews will be available. For the new update I'll dig deeper into the templates that Construct 2 offers and how these can be applied and improved (incremental jumps for endless runners, anyone?).

    If you have skimmed through the book and like it, please leave a review at its page on Amazon when you have the time. This enables me to improve the book and work on future updates. I already have at least four updates planned and plenty of developers lined up to participate.

    Thanks & happy reading!

    Merijn de Boer   

    P.S. After the period of exclusivity on Amazon I'd like to distribute the book via the Scirra Store. Contact with Scirra has already been made and they will review the book in the near future.

  • Great book , enjoying it very much. Actually much more than other high rated game design books on Amazon :) Keep up the great work !

  • Hi,

    Just wanted to let you guys know that the update for the book is coming along nicely. I've toyed around with an endless runner and already found some great ways to randomly create levels and use animations to spice things up. Animation will be an important topic in this update, as well as using a 'playerbox', something I never utilized much until now.

    The next update will come in handy for both endless runners as well as platform games. Furthermore, you really have the chance to start animating and create realistic characters for your games. Will do a free download promo again soon!


    Merijn (author of So You Want to Be a Game Designer!)

  • Just as an update to others reading this thread, it no longer appears it's free. It looks like it costs $9.99 now. Still not a bad deal.

  • This Friday the book will be free for 24 hours again! Spread the word and do leave reviews on the book's page if you enjoyed reading it.

    Best regards,

    Merijn de Boer

  • mepis if you read the original post the original dates it was free ended on November 30th. But it looks like it is coming again this Friday for 24 hours, so nows your chance.

  • BluePhaze Yup, I saw that immediately after I posted that. I read the original post but some how the dates eluded me. I got a small stint of foot in mouth syndrome.

    As I said though, for $9.99, it's a pretty good deal. I wouldn't discourage anyone from buying it. TBH, I'll probably pick it up on Friday and take a quick glance through it.

  • mepis even at full price it is a good deal, so getting it on Friday is a Great deal! Definitely worth it. I am enjoying it so far.

  • Now the time is GMT 0:05:00 Friday. However, the price of this book is still USD11.99.

    Anyone knows when the free download will start? Thank you very much!

  • Now the time is 8:28:00AM Friday(GMT). However, I still don't know how to

    download this book. Anyone succeeds? (Amazon website asks me to give my credit card number and the price is still USD11.99.) Thanks a lot.

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  • Looks like it's free now.

  • Looks like it's free now.

    Thanks a lot.! This book is a good book. I am glad to have this good book.

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  • Thanks for sharing

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