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  • "Your web apps or mobile optimized websites can now reach Amazon customers in nearly 200 countries worldwide on Kindle Fire and select Android smartphones.

    Easily submit your web app through the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal to have it merchandised alongside native apps. We've also provided powerful tools to help you test and debug your web apps and monetize using Amazon's In-App Purchasing API for JavaScript, and we�ve made sure your web apps will provide a native-like experience on Kindle Fire with our improved web runtime on Kindle Fire.

    Web developers with HTML5 apps and mobile-optimized web sites can easily get started at the Distribution Portal. Once you're logged in, go to "My Apps", and choose "Submit a Web App"

    More information on how to prepare and submit your web apps is      here.

    Ashley we might need an exporter for Amazon Web Apps?

  • Wow awesome, R140 beta has Amazon WebApp support!

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  • Hopefully they implement the IAP, and have it documented as well near the stable release. I have a kindle fire, and eager to test it out! 8)

  • This news is very interesting - what is the roadmap looking like for full support for amazon. also, is there full support for the new FB sdk regards iap and subscriptions too??

    Apologies if this info is all contained in faq's, I am researching all of the above as I speak...



    btw - i did see ashley's post on setting up for the amazon export, very useful:

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