Amazing 2D/2.5D animation program

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  • I'm blown away no words:

    If this is old than sorry

  • Looks decent, but as is usually the case, over-priced.


  • Nice program, but as Krush said, over-priced. I have actually used Crazy Talk 6 before, used it for about 2 weeks, never touched it since. Might try out the demo though.

    Seriously though, a video game with a multi-million dollar budget almost NEVER costs more than $50-60. Yet as soon as you go into apps, suddenly any garage coder can charge out the buttox for some program that obviously didn't cost nearly as much time and money to make...and get away with it.

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  • That's because a garage coder is coding for a much smaller niche market.

    Like a specialty custom car... doesn't cost more to design and make than say a new line of Hyundai, but it's going to be more expensive because a garage coder can't rely on a billion dollars of promotion and distribution deals and basically knowing he's gonna sell a billion of them. Developer has to charge more to recoup his cost otherwise it's not worth it and nobody will ever write custom apps.

    Also an app --regardless of the cost of development-- has more value to the niche user of that app than any game usually. So supply and demand wise --it makes perfect sense.

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