Am I the only one who thinks this game is genius?

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  • Phoenix Wright- Ace Attorney

  • Nope, one of my favourite drama games I ever played. Didn't even know I liked Drama games until I played Ace Attorney.

  • Actually it's my best game ever, while I think I have a good experience in video games.

    The way the story is told is extremely smart. I have always been impressed on how the game looks compelling with just a static background and a basic animated character on screen.

  • You are not alone. Ace Attorney is a huge feat in Japan. In Sega Amusement Park, Joypolis, at Odaiba, Tokyo, you have this attraction, for Ace Attorney. Basically, you have a special exclusive short chapter for Ace Attorney, played around the park, but I think you played as Miles Edgeworth. The way you play this attraction is similar to how you play the game on your devices/platforms, but with more "twist" in term of experience. More info here: (Japanese only) See the the 4th small image next to the bigger image? Those are the "arcade" machines for this attraction, deployed around the park.

    We also got a 1:1 scale Miles Edgeworth figure at that amusement park and he also got his little office for show for his attraction too. Unfortunately, for foreigners, this is Japanese only.

  • I've played all Phoenix Wright games, i'm really impressed

  • Wow, I just got inspiration to learn Japanese.

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  • Learning Japanese with Ace Attorney must be incredibly difficult, because of the kanji, without furigana in the text. I rather play Pokemon because there's only kana and it's better for noobs like me :P

  • Not sure if it is actually a good thing to watch if you are fan of the series, but well... if you happen to have 2 hours free

    (you need to turn on the captions)

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