I am allowed to modify content bought in Scirra store?

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  • Since I cannot find (maybe I am blind ) that in license text, can anybody confirm is it allowed to modify art or music bought in Scirra store for use in our projects?

    For example, if i buy spaceship art in Scirra store, can I recolor it, or add extra wings, or for example disassemble it to create starbase or weapon, or is it forbidden?

    Thanks for help in advance

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  • Take a look at the Terms and Conditions of the store:


    A good place to start is under the section Ownership of software/assets which states the items are protected by copyright law. In all cases where you are given access to the work of another individual, it is the express right of the individual how you may use it. That is what copyright laws protect. What this means is, if you have not been (or are unable to prove you have been) given permission to modify the work of the individual, you are in breech of copyright. You also cannot claim those works to be your own.

    Before making any changes to any of the images and music you have purchased, you should seek documented permission from the original designer.

  • Thanks

  • I think for most of the stuff in store you can change it to your needs. In my sprites I include the Illustrator source so is easy to change colours, resize, etc. It should definitely work the same for source codes, music, etc. After all you're buying non exclusive sprites so your game should feel different than the other buyers and everything should suit the game.

    If that's a problem to the seller, then he shouldn't be selling sprites o.o

  • I agree, but I like to double check so I would not need to remove it later and do everything again.

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