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  • Can anyone suggest any alternatives to Adobe Illustrator for creating vector artwork?

    I'm thinking something as easy to use as Balsamiq Mockups , for drawing characters and other objects in my simple games for kids.

    I want to create prototype games with artwork that is 'sketchy' -- the way I would draw it on pen and paper.

    I'm not a graphic designer but I can sketch like most people. If one of the prototypes has potential, I can always request 'real' artwork from a professional.

    I can use Photoshop but I don't think it's a drawing tool and I've just never found Illustrator intuitive.

    Any suggestions?

  • 'Can anyone suggest any alternatives to Adobe Illustrator for creating vector artwork?'

    You could try SVG-Editor....its ok for basic vector work and it's free.

    Heres a link to website-


    I created a C2 project that includes a version you can test here-

    C2 Test

    good look

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  • InkScape (tutorials available on the excellent 2D game art for programmers)

    Also topic moved, it's not directly related to C2.

  • Thanks for the tips guys!

    chrisbrobs - SVGedit looks most like what I'm looking for, but actually I found your C2 version way more intituive to use than the original.

    I'm really confused though -- is your C2 version a duplicate of SVG done using C2? Please forgive the dumb question, I'm a relative newbie and definitely not a developer...

  • I used Podes-Iframe plugin to embed the SVG application into my C2 aplication.

    Here's a link to the tutorial I used-


    You can find the plugin in the plugin section on these forums.

  • Are you on mac or pc? Theres quite a few for mac.

  • Another vote for Inkscape. Also, maybe Creative Docs

  • Heres an interesting one that someone linked a while back Picroma Plasma

  • Hey thanks for all the good suggestions guys.

    I'm a PC user (someone has to be!) so that limits me unfortunately :(

    Out of all of these, I'm still leaning towards SVGedit because it seems to have the lowest learning curve. That is what I want!

  • I second Picroma Plasma. That's way more intuitive than SVGEdit IMO.

  • Picroma Plasma seems like a really useful tool ... but my personal requirements are for a tool that matches my simple pen and paper sketching behaviour. I just want to produce simple sketch art, nothing fancy.

    I may be wrong but Picroma Plasma, and a lot of vector applications, seem to involve creating 'guide lines', then tugging at handles, etc.

    To me, this is not like sketching with a pen and paper.

    I think there is a gap in the market for this type of simple application, just as there was a gap for wireframing applications a few years ago. In the meantime, SVG editor looks decent.

  • Ah right. Yeah you're correct, it's mostly tugging away at handles to create a shape.

    Although, you can create sketchy style stuff easily but not sure if it's what you're after.

    Open Plasma

    Press H (hotkey for Freehand draw mode)

    In the Mesh tool palette click on the icon that's like a backwards S (next to the cube icon - this sets the stroke to open stroke mode)

    And if drawing with a tablet, enable pressure width (top part of the main tool palette - where you set the stroke width - icon looks like a pen on a tablet)

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