Alternative for making iOS games?

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  • I was wondering if their was any alternative to Construct that was capable of creating iOS games? Construct, at least from what I've found on the internet, is the best by far, but I was wondering if there was a similar program (events, etc, no coding) that could export to the iOS platform?

  • I can think of game maker, but it has a pretty long learning curve to it. It has Game Maker Studio coming out, which can make games available for HTML5 and iOS. But if you do, ever decide on coding, maybe Adobe Air could do the thing, its pretty portable I hear for stuff like iOS.

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  • I've never really got in to Game Maker, because it had that learning curve and Construct seemed so much more inviting but if they do release a version that exports to mobile devices, it might give me a reason to learn.

    I did find another game creation software that works similar to Construct called Game Salad. It's only for Mac though. It would be perfect except it's eventing system seems a little unfinished and objects are unable to "interact" with other objects without going through a bunch of global variables...

  • Spacewarguy

    I know this is off-topic but I played your Version V 0.1 or New Worlds, It's realy impressive for a game in it's early stages.

  • Thanks, it's good to know that people play and like my games!

  • Construct 2 exports to HTML5, it's not as finished as Construct Classic, but it's getting better with each update. It might be able to do what you want

  • iOS can run HTML5 games, but it might be a little slow. We might write an iOS exporter for C2 in future - no guarantee though, depends on our plans. Might be worth keeping an eye out though.

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