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  • Hi i have a big problem here so if anyone is using adobe flash i would like to have some help.

    Have been messing with this program for a week. Learned how to use it but when it comes to sprite sheet exporting omg.

    The thing is that the sprite sheet doesn't take all the animations. It only takes animation in one timeline but i have 3 levels of timeline.

    The first one which rotates the whole stuff, the second one with eyebrowns animation and eyes and the third one with mouth deformation/animation.

    But the sprite sheet only renders the eyes browns and eyes.

    Then funny this is when i render the stuff every timeline showns.

    Here are illustrations:

    THE FIRST LEVEL OF TIMELINE (not rendered)

    THE SECOND LEVEL (it's the only one that is rendered in sprite sheet)

    THE THIRD LEVEL (not rendered)

    For generate sprite sheet i click generate sprite sheet on the enveloppe symbol which rotates on the first level.

  • I'm not really sure, what your problem is. Just convert everything you want into a "movieclip" so it's grouped to one timeline. (Just rightclick:-P)

  • I've tried it doesn't work.

    But i've found a solution even if it's not the perfect one.

    I export in swf and then convert swf to spritesheet with ... t-creator/

  • But really this sucks because i need to have a minimum distance between the sprites.

    I still need help with this.

  • Okay i think i figured out the problem.

    When I try to export to sprite sheet it doesn't render everything on the sprite sheet.

    I think that's because it only renders the current symbol where i have nested symbols.

    Let's say:

    I have a symbol for all the stuff. I choose to convert to sprite sheet this symbol.

    It will successfully render the animations in the said symbol but not the animations in the symbols that the first symbol contains.

    God dammit it's so difficult to explait this shitty thing. ><

    I HAVE:

    SYMBOL<SYMBOL(rotation motion tween)<SYMBOLS for different face stuff like eyes eyebrowns..<A Symbol containing shape tween of the mouth.

    Well when press right button on SYMBOL and make sprite sheet it only renders the rotation but not the mouth shape deformation and not even the eyebrown animations.

    I'm exhausted, can't find a solution.

    PS: My symbols are movie clips and not graphic symbols

    I want to generate a sprite sheet from the entire animation and not just from a symbol which apparently doesn't support nested symbols

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  • It's okay made it work after 5 hours of tryouts... ouf

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