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  • I know that c2 (Scirra) is a non programmers community but as I have seen, there is some quite enough number of programmer in this forums and I would like Tom to add a forum for programmers with section for asking question and talking about it, discuss it. I would really get benefit from it. And by the way Kyatric are moderators allowed to add forums as they transfer forum topics? If so, can you make my forum request and thanks advance.

  • There is the Javascript SDK forum for Construct 2 specific programming/coding.

    A more general programming forum doesn't really seem necessary here.

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  • There are already so many communities on the Internet about programming. Your request seems to be a bit off-topic, quite honestly.

  • I have to agree with OddConfection and alvarop, there are already countless programmers communities over the web, gathered around languages, practices, etc...

    Adding one more section to our forum would mostly add noise and modify the scope of the forums.

    We deal with Scirra's game making tools. For discussions about C++, PHP or whatever, do a keyword search in a search engine, that seems far more appropriate.

  • Isn't using event sheets programming? The "how do I..." portion of the website is a perfect place for implementing algorithms or functions from traditional programming into Event sheets. However if you mean programming in ->insert other language here<- then yeah, that's better suited for other forums.

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