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  • Anyohe hear something about ?

    i dont know i should use this

  • Hey there!

    I've been working at AdBuddiz for quite some time now. I know you might prefer to hear from other developers first, but I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you may have

    Feel free to PM me.

  • Hi Clara,

    any chance of making a Construct2 plugin for your service? would be great and im sure you would get many new devs onboard if you release one!

  • Hello fldr

    We don't have a specific SDK for Construct2.

    I just asked our tech team and it's in their road map, but they can't say yet when it will be available.

    However, we do have a plugin for Cordova.

    Do you know if you can build a bridge from the Cordova SDK?

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  • Clara

    Yes i know this, i definitely cant do it

    but for someone who is familiar with javascript it should be no problem at all to build that bridge for construct2. Maybe let your devs take a look at the cranberry admob plugin (its the one thats shipped with construct), its also an Cordova plugin but you set your ad id and the calls in the construct editor.

    the downside is, Cordova means "only" Android, iOS and Windows Phone but i think what many people need is a monetization option for games that are hosted on a website, for webapps (such as Firefox OS) and Nodewebkit.

  • fldr

    Thanks for the suggestion

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