How active is this forum?

    Hello all.

    Are there daily posters? Average wait on getting an answer to a problem?

    Im hoping to be able to download the free version soon and am curious how helpful the forums are.

    (Im having issues with the setup.exe file signature so program wont install after downloading, i made a thread about it, not this one lol so ive yet to get to try out the program.)

    Click on the "forum" link on the top of the page, then scroll all the way down and you'll see a graph of the number of posts per day. Most questions are answered by other members of the forum in their free time. You aren't guaranteed an answer, but in general most questions are answered within a day or two? There are also stickied topics in most of the sections with guidelines on how to make your questions easier for someone to help with.

    The install issue you posted probably will be looked at by Scirra's staff after their work week starts. If the file is messed up on scirra's server, it will likely be fixed quickly.

    Cool and thanks for the reply.

    Im a forum addict so was hoping for a more active forum, but im sure ill find plenty to read and learn anyways.

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    Problem with the whole Rep requirement thing is the forum isn't as active as we hoped so it'll take a while to get those likes and legitimately posting to get those 1 or 2 a day without spamming unless you're a mouthful like me.

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