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  • Thanks mate :) I appreciate it.

    Best of luck with it all marked one. I'd be interested in hearing how you go with it.

  • I honestly wanted to make a 2d game however ive given it much though and

    i see now that the people no longer enjoy 2d games as in the old times, with that i mean that they consider their time wasted on a game that is 2d when there are 3d games out there so they dont even bother to try 2d games out..worlds changing fast

    Dunno what you've been smokin' ^^;

  • If you are targeting an audience who is willing to look at indie games, I don't think you need "3D" to be successful.

    To my knowledge there is no real usable 3D-engine on the market with the ease of use anywhere near C2.

    You have to consider that even with an engine like unity the time to set up your basic project mechanics without producing any real content can be as long as the complete timeframe to develop a C2 game.

    I'm totally with GenkiGenga on this.

  • Only engine that gets near C2 productivity and easyness is Unity no doubt. That's why it's the most popular among us indies. Only Unity is 3D focused; If it were 2D i must admit i would have to leave C2 :O

  • the closest thing would be Blender 3d with its logic bricks

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  • ZGE , ZGameEditor somehow close to how Construct2 IDE.


    it's also support android !!

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