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  • Can anyone tell me some easy-to-learn 3D engines? I want to make 3D model but don't know where to start. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Do you mean for WebGL? Then I recommend Coppercube: http://www.ambiera.com/coppercube/


    Now when Im reading your post one more time, I get confused. Do you want a 3D engine or a 3D Modelling program? Because those are two different things.

  • Sorry for that, i mean making 3D model for 2D game, not for 3D game engine.

    Btw do you know how they make the character in Bastion game?

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  • You are right. Bastion characters are made in 3d first with programs like 3ds Max, and then rendered all animation frames. If yoy want make 3d characters, you need to star from modeling. If you not have acces to complete modelling/animation/rendering expensive programs like 3ds max, Maya, Softimage... the tipical answer is Blender. But I suggest you to start from Silo, it is only for modeling, and it is very intuitive to learn, plus you have tutorials in the main page, and a good forum. It has 30 days trial demo, and the license is not too expensive (159$). As an alternative free modeling tool there is Wings3d, very good one too.

    Silo: nevercenter.com/silo

    Wings 3d: wings3d.com

    You have too, sites like thegnomonworkshop.com with many DVD to purchase with subjects like you are searching:


    And many forum and social mnetwork like cgTalk or polycount.com

    You can ask me too ;)

  • Thanks Aritz, that's very useful for me.

    I'll look into it :D

  • Aritz thanks for the post.

    Originally I started with the basic of basics - MilkShape3D but that was so limiting. Lately, I've been looking at Blender. There are tons of free tutorials on it and the community is very active. The only caveat I can see is that it's definitely not as easy to learn as other 3d apps. It's very deep and it's got a ton of buttons ;)

    01lifeleft, good luck with your 3D goals. Bastion looks like an awesome game!

  • I just found this:


    It's on the Google web store. It looks pretty simple I haven't tried it out yet but it runs in your browser.

  • Hehe, looks pretty funny, and easy too.

  • Blender will do what you want to do, but it is pretty complex. Sometimes you can find a free class at strange places though. Where I just moved from our local YMCA had computer classes for kids and adults- one was a class specifically for making games in blender....so you might look around, you never know what you may find near your area...

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