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  • I've visited site of Alec Rivers (for someone already known for his awesome physics engine), he published recently something even more unbeliveable. The system that creates and animates 2.5D (fake 3d or isometric) objects from at least two vector graphics. He is a programming magician.

    Link is here.


  • I'm not sure how many people (if it's possible) would try to use this system with Construct...

    ...but this could be great for amateur artists to create their own online movies/series.

    Very cool find, Bricktop!

  • Thank you for posting this TheBricktop, pretty damn interesting link!

  • Wow that's a really cool idea!

  • Not really a Construct Discussion topic. Moving thread to OT.

    But... that is cool as hell

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  • Yeah sorry, my mistake.

    And if You re browsing Alec's site go take a look on his other projects. Theres alot to see.

  • this was one of the things I was hoping to create eventually a bajillion years ago when in my naivety I thought I had time on my hands, and started that procedural animation editor.

    but it is damn awesome

    the only thing that's annoying, is I've seen several amazing ideas like this as university projects, and no one ever seems to turn them into full fledged real editors. I don't mean the busy students themselves. but you know, someone buy them up and do it

  • I really want to try out that 2D physics framework.

    Maybe I will after I finish my current game.

    Also, the 3D solid destruction demo is Teh Ceks.

    it scares me but I want to try the lib too.

  • This is pretty amazing, I downloaded it and found that it exports to .obj files, time to see if they work in Construct

    Thanks for sharing this TheBricktop!

  • The OBJ files aren't exactly what you might think they'd be & if I'm not mistaken, Sculptris won't be able to use them. Think of this image:

    <img src="http://www.alecrivers.com/2.5dcartoonmodels/images/teaserbsmall.png">

    That's what the OBJ files look like . I have to admit, it'd have been cool if it were able to convert to a 'real' 3D model. Ah well, it's still useful for inferring between images. In animation, you often see transitions between two views that don't make logical sense (spatially speaking). With some effort, this program can do that.

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