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  • What Games do you think the ten top games (should be new of course) ? Let's Write list of ten of our favorite games, I'll start:

  • 1) Sims 3

    2) Flatout 2

    3) Bad piggies

    4) Game dev Tycoon

    5) Plants Vs Zombies

    6) Clash of Cans

    7) Chicken invaders 4

    8) Where's my water 2

    9) Stupid Zombies

    10) Candy Crush Saga

  • 1. Diablo 1+2+3

    2. Starcraft

    3. AoE

    4. Contra aka. Super Probotector Alien Rebels

    5. War of the Monsters

    6. Golden Eye

    7. Quake 3 Arena

    8. Resident Evil

    9. Super Tennis

    10. FIFA

    could add a million more....

  • 1. Quests (quest 4 glory, space quest, kings quest, etc)

    2. Wing comander series

    3. Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem etc

    4. Flashback and Blackthorne

    5. Warcraft (all) and Indiana Jones collection

    5. Vampires: Bloodlines etc (whitewolf publishers vampire games)

    6. Clive Barkers games (notably Undying) and Riddick.

    7. COD GAMES

    8. Farcry 1, 3 (didn't like 2)

    9. Bulletstorm

    10. Unreal Tournament.

    Could add a zillion more...

  • Hm, this is a hard one:

    1. Medal of Honor Allied Assault

    2. LEGO Rock Raiders

    3. Company of Heroes

    4. Mafia II

    5. The Walkind Dead (Season 1 + 2)

    6. Sleeping Dogs

    7. Hitman Absolution

    8. Tomb Raider

    9. Postal Series

    10. Wargame European Escalation

  • SgtConti LEGO Rock Raiders!

    Please tell me ya talking about the PC version and not the Playstation iteration...

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  • pixel perfick of course im talking about the PC version!

    I once played the Playstation version, at honestly, it's complete crap and nothing compared to the great PC version (They should make a remake).

  • Hmm let me see ..

    1. Age of empire .( PC version)

    2. Rise of Nation. (pc )

    3. Diablo .(pc)

    4. HITMAN. (pc)

    5. warcraft (pc)

    6. Civilization. (pc)

    7. Unrealtournment. (pc)

    8. Quake. (pc)

    9. Max pyne. (pc)

    10. KOC (mobile)

  • In pretty much random order:

    1. Heroes of Might and Magic III

    2. Diablo 2

    3. The Lord of the Rings Online

    4. Fallout 2

    5. Fez

    6. Planescape: Torment

    7. Tomb Raider 2

    8. Burnout Paradise

    9. Need for Speed Underground 2

    10. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

  • I guess my kind of games is different from you

  • You seem to be a mobile-addict^^

  • , I like The games of The mobiles but I would prefer if they were supported for Computers

  • Lot of them are web games.

  • 1. Final Fantasy Series (VII is the king!!!! All other games bow before him or I will unleash Omnislash and summon Bahamut!!!)

    2. Resident Evil Series (There are so many good ones, but the original was just a game changer!)

    3. StarCraft series (Easy choice!)

    4. Twisted Metal series (Don't know how many hours I spent on no2.....probably too much!)

    5. Red Alert and Command & Conquer series ( I know they are different games, but they felt so similar and it was so much fun and a revolution at its time!!!)

    6. Devil May Cry series (Really fast paced action, cool demon characters, huge assemble of weapons and combos.....probably should be higher!)

    7. God of War series (Gore, nudity, profanity, action and a godly coolness only Kratos has.....hmmm....I hope he doesn't come after me for not putting him higher!)

    8. GranTurismo (Loved no2 the most.....I don't think I have spent more time on a single game than this...... easily over 10000 hours......I kid you not!!!)

    9. Need For Speed series (Underground2 is still the best I think, it really pushed the series to another level.)

    10. PES (Hehe being a football fan....the first one for the sega was so funny yet good. The first game to try and mimic players hairstyles....haha so many good times and laughs)

    Haha these are just my personal the end, these are the games that were able to create such a strong feeling to me when playing them.

  • 1. World of Goo

    2. MapleStory

    3. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    4. Super Metroid

    5. Super Mario Bros 3

    6. Final Fantasy III / VI

    7. Xenoblade Chronichles

    8. Digimon World 3 (it's not one of the best games ever, but it's important to me)

    9. Metroid Prime, Echoes, Corruption

    10. The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap

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