My time on the computer at my local library.

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  • I remember when I was 15 years younger, a decade and a half ago (think 2001-2003), and often when we went to our local library back when I lived in Kathleen (I've just recently moved to Sharpsburg a year ago), my mom would permit me to go on the library computer to play some games (or learn something, whatever that might be). I've played titles like Barney (which admittedly that purple dinosaur I still absolutely love to this day as an adult now), Arthur, Magic School Bus (another very special memory), Amazon Trall 3rd Edition, Living Books, and other such fun, silly titles like these. And I absolutely loved it; it formed an unbreakable connection that I'll always cherish, and it resonated with me all the way to this day.

    Now, admittedly, the computers were old, and very old by today's standards - I mean, they were only running Windows 98! (Not Windows 95, necessarily, like some may have suspected already.) But, I've actually formed a special nostalgia connection with this "Windows 98" from the day I first saw it, and definitely the library computer if I haven't even then. The sounds and graphics were beautiful: it had that old-school vibe to it that made me feel like I was playing on a very special classic system, and the colors and tone of the sounds could only say "old-fashioned" to me. The games fit in perfectly with the system itself, feeling like I'm playing a classic game meant just for MS-DOS, and the rest of the system was equally beautiful, with beautiful sounds and gorgeous graphics abound everywhere I went on this warm and comforting system.

    Now, have you been on a library computer on Windows 95/98 when you were younger? If not, has it ever formed a special connection to you as a child at all? I would like to hear all of your happy comments, and see what this particular segment of the computing past had to offer for you that resonated with you to this day.

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