Tetris Ultimate for PC: The worst game in history

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  • https://store.steampowered.com/app/316750/ - described as "Mostly Negative" in Steam

    Have anybody experienced problems when playing this game on Steam?

    This could be a limitation to the Unity engine, or Ubisoft, as they use this engine to create this game.

    Even console versions of this game have problems too.

    This is really puzzled me up that the PC version of this game was a sadness to Tetris players, like myself.

    To be honest, I'm not playing this game yet.

    If you think Ubisoft can't make a Tetris game, post here.

    P/S: Why you must login to an online service first to play the game, games should be played offline if the game isn't involved with online features!

  • It's not great, quite laggy.

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  • Welcome to the future where you always have to be online for something and someone is always watching you.

    While sad that a Tetris game couldn't be better... I'd say the developers were probably given a very small budget and amount of time since Ubi knew how easy a Tetris game could be to make... and the result is this... But I wouldn't say the worst game ever... we just expect more than this from commercial games.

  • It's not great, quite laggy.

    yeah i agree with you plinkie

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