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  • Who has played Super Smash Bros. Crusade, it's not a part of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series.

    It's a fan game created by a team of GameMaker users and the SSB fans. I've play the game and it's really fun! For me, the most embarrassing thing that they done, they made this game using Game Maker 7, not Studio.

    Link: ... sade/6755/


    <-- don't believe the sentence "Game Maker Studio" in the Engine section

    Maybe some C2 users want to made a SSB fan game too?

    One more, what's your favorite characters in the original SSB series and SSB Crusade?

    Mine is:

    • Mario
    • Luigi
    • Bomberman
    • Kirby
    • Sonic
    • Olimar and the Pikmins
    • Mr. Game & Watch
    • Captain Falcon (F-Zero)
  • No one?

    Naji, alextro, sqiddster - Do you play Super Smash Bros.? If you do, do you have played SSB Crusade?

  • No one?

    Naji, alextro, sqiddster - Do you play Super Smash Bros.? If you do, do you have played SSB Crusade?

    Sorry Tetriser I don't play those kind of games, Im busy learning school & programming book so I don't have lots of time for the rest

  • Neither I. Never play SSB since I don't have any console machine (well my brother has).

    But creating fighting game should not hard task. My friend show me how he made a simple Street Fighter clone just using 'go to and play' command in flash AS2.

    My future plan is creating action platformer that involved fighting mechanic.

  • I have played Smash Bros, not this game though.

    'Fan Games' like this are always problematic. It's against the law to use other's copyrighted characters in your work and you can guarantee that if the game gets popular enough, you'll get a C&D from Nintendo.

    In my opinion making a game like this is a total waste when you could be coming up with your own characters and ideas.

  • For the record, 99.9% of canceled fan-games were not actually C&D'd...the developers (usually kids or beginners) just say that as a cop out. Also, if they aren't making a profit, or if it's a parody, then there's no real problem. Nintendo actually loves's free promotion and shows the dedication of fans.

    Anyhow...honestly this just looks like smash but with crappy art. If they added more original content it could be cool. Props for coding it I guess.

  • Naji - Ohh, that's okay.

    alextro - How about an emulator? Like Project64 for playing the original SSB, or Dolphin for playing SSB Melee and Brawl?

    sqiddster - What version of SSB you've played? And what character do you like?

    Tokinsom - Does Nintendo not C&D those games?

  • there's a common misconception that not making a profit means you don't have to worry about copyright violation, that's simply not true.

    I definitely have heard of Nintendo being OK with fan-games, however all it takes is them deciding they don't want your game out there and there's nothing you can do.

    How do you know that the C&D reports are fake? This isn't nintendo, but I remember one major story where a fairly large scale mlp smash game was cancelled due to a C&D.

    Tetriser I played Brawl very casually with friends, I typically played Kirby

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  • Tetriser There are literally hundreds if not thousands of fan-games, fan-comics, fan-fictions, fan-albums, what have you...and to my knowledge Nintendo hasn't come after any of them except that Metroid fan-film that was on Kickstarter (BECAUSE it was on Kickstarter), and a Pokemon MMO (even that one is questionable). It just bothers me when someone posts about "the dangers of making fan-games" when there is an entire world of fan-works out there with no problems.

    Sounds unlikely to be honest. If that were true then why does Project M - a SSB hack that Nintendo openly despises, still exist? There are live-streams and tournaments with cash prizes and everything for it. What of Brawl In The Family who actually sell merchandise based on Nintendo characters? What of AM2R? Metroid:SR388? Project Fusion? Metroid: Metal? Zelda:OOT 2D? The list goes on and on and on. Even my own fan-game Minitroid was on numerous major gaming sites and I was constantly being told I'd get a C&D or whatever and absolutely nothing ever happened.

    I'm not saying they can't or won't C&D fan-works...I'm saying THE VAST MAJORITY of C&D's never actually happened; the developers just didn't want to admit they couldn't finish the project or lost interest or whatever...kind of like when people say they had a hard drive failure and lost the whole project. Yeah..right...

    The way I see it..the only reason Nintendo or whoever will C&D your work is if it affects their sales, or if it is something they are planning on doing themselves, or if you're profiting from it... and if they so happen to be in a pissy mood when finding out about it.

  • I played few games using emulator. Party or brawl game isn't the type of game I would like to play due to lack of other player. Most of games I run on emulator would be RPGs.

    In normal game series I like Sonic & Bomberman.

  • alextro - Hmm, okay.

    Tokinsom - I'm agree with you, because SSB Crusade is still up for years.

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