How often do you play mobile game?

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  • Hello, like the title said, for me, I have spent six hours on playing mobile game. I'm an avid gamer, and recently I'm playing Petite Warriors on my iPhone. I think I'm crazy because of I alway want to play it!

  • I have come to totally despise mobile gaming. All that freemium micro transaction pay to win, pay not to grind pay for extra lives crap that developers are forced to ruin their games with. Either that or intrusive adds..... or both. So many potentially good games, even good established franchises, just destroyed because of it. Its killing games on mobile and must be killing development teams. The bigger companies now employ full time behavioural analysts, gambling and addiction experts to help design new and devious ways to hook you into making those micro transactions. Yes you could argue that the arcades of the 80s were just another form of micro transactions but its wasn't the same. now, on just feels so........desperate.

    So no I don't bother with mobile these days..... Sorry If I am offending any devs here, its not personal, do what you have to do, the kids these days dont seem to mind. ... but damn there has to be a better way.......

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  • I almost never play games on mobile. People just keep making the same games with same mechanics over and over again with to no improvement (they just change graphics). Also 90% of the games are freemium where you have to spend 8h grinding a day to get something done or spend money on it.

    I love playing games but only on steam on games where there is no micro transactions or boring grinding to make people pay.

  • I play sometimes on mobile. I think it`s fun to pass time, but the problem is what our other friends said, the major part of the mobile games is freemium. But there are some games that you can find fun and totally free.

  • I play mobile games sometimes, but run into the same problems a lot of the time unless playing something that was developed without really taking the mobile market in mind (like the android port of FFT which is amazing and spends 0 effort trying to freemium you but demand $15 up front - worth every cent imo).

    ...Thats why I only develop for mobile - it means that there's a big mobile hole to be filled with games that take themselves seriously instead of functioning as poorly disguised casino games. Other markets like consoles and steam tend to avoid the mobile market issue, the closest there is would be flash/html5 games on arcade sites

  • i play games on mobile when i am free normally i play on my PC it's comfortable for me

  • Usually when am about to sleep, that is the time i do play for a while. All day long it is not so feasible to get time for mobile gaming.

  • I don't play it at all.

  • I like games (PC), mobile games need to be very polite not to get stuck, and as they are not sold, it would be necessary to advertise or store for programmers to earn something ...

  • In recent years up until this year, I played a lot of mobile, particularly Where's My Water? by Disney, Bad Piggies, the Angry Birds series, and Minecraft: Pocket Edition (where I first got into Minecraft in general).

    However, I can understand why anyone would despise the idea of paying to improve your gameplay experience, but personally, I have mixed feelings about it; it does indeed benefit developers (but maybe I'm wrong), but I feel people tend to abuse the system, and I think small advantages would be best for these payments. Just my two cents.

  • I used to play some games on Mobile but basically got bored of them fairly quick. Now I only play my own games when I am testing them.

  • I play 2 hours a day.

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