Male vs Female Game Protagonists

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  • I don't mind who a character is. I've enjoyed both. Some of my favorite games had female characters. Resident Evil, Parasite Eve, Silent Hill. They were some of the best in the world. I also love major male heroes too, Cloud, from Final Fantasy 7. I wouldn't play a game that had a "homo sexual" or "Transgender" hero. I think a lot of straight men will feel that way, and likely the industry knows it. I still think, at large, the straight world is set against homosexuality with acceptance of it. Likely major studios know this, and wouldn't want to hurt their profits. Some might dabble in it, but others, that are straight, might not, no more than any other straight guy. The world still has a stigma that gay is not cool, or something bad. People say "this is gay, that's gay, don't be gay!" I don't think people need to talk like that, but I don't personally hate that view point. I'm pretty well against homosexuality, but accept it. I wouldn't tell a gay person unless they asked, and they would still be my friend. I don't go hang out with them, but I know plenty. Met a few awesome people that are gay, but if they asked, I would tell them, lol. They'd have to accept me and my views as I would have to accept them for their ways..

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