Male vs Female Game Protagonists

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  • Games like Bioshock Infinite I really don't mind the character being male

    That's just sexist.

    Whatever character a game has is because it works.

    Games like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls have make your own character sections because it's basically just a "I wish I was in another universe" simulator.

    Games like Metroid, The Witcher, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, they're telling the story of specific characters.

    Both work and are good in their own right. Most importantly both are different kinds of games.

    Players shouldn't be judging games on the gender, sexual preference and skin colour of the protagonist, it should be based on the gameplay, mechanics, story and graphics.

  • > Games like Bioshock Infinite I really don't mind the character being male


    That's just sexist.

    Sorry I'm a bit confused now, I'm sexist because I said I don't mind the character in a game being male?

  • >

    > > Games like Bioshock Infinite I really don't mind the character being male

    > >


    > That's just sexist.



    Sorry I'm a bit confused now, I'm sexist because I said I don't mind the character in a game being male?

    No, it's sexist because it implies that you mind characters being male in other games.

  • No, it's sexist because it implies that you mind characters being male in other games.

    Ah yeah I can see how it can be read that way.

    Male characters don't bother me at all, sorry what I was trying to say was that in open world style games the option to create a female character is an important feature to have as I like to make myself in the game; but for story based games like Bioshock the lack of ability to choose the gender of the character doesn't really matter.

    That's not to say that I mind male characters in open-world games, I have male Skyrim and Fallout characters too, I just think that the option to choose female for those sorts of games is as important as being able to choose the skin colour.

  • MShaw

    Now I agree with you. Also not that I play the game, but not having female characters in Assassins Creed Unity is just silly.

  • Personally, my favorite characters in gaming are: Mega Man, Samus Aran, and the Cole Train. Don't really know why, they're just awesome characters. One day I plan to make a game based on a woman much like Riza Hawkeye(FullMetal Alchemist) or Matoko Kusanagi(Ghost In The Shell), which are frankly two very bad ass women that would make a game BAD ASS.

    So, a female is just as good a character as a male, and same goes for people of different races. What they do, are capable of, etc. is up to the developer. Don't limit yourself to the idea that men are stronger, or white people make more money or some dumb crap, because all of it is just misconception. Base those things purely off your own personal interests as a developer, nothing more.

  • If I have the choice I'll pick the female character more often than not. If the character has it's own story or what not, then either is fine. But it should believable. When much muscle work is required, a thin, sexy woman in the role might come off as fake/fictional, etc..

  • This is very true.

  • Mario/Maria the plumber

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  • Mario/Maria the plumber

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  • I'm disappointed that more games don't include queer/nonbinary protagonists. There's progression in certain digital mediums (e.g. the shows Justified and Transparent) but not in others.

    That being said, I don't have much of a preference. For me, I'm not all that interested in relating to or identifying with characters, and am much more interested in following a character's story and walking around in their shoes for a while. As a cisgender male, I'm somewhat more interested in character stories that are distinct from my own, so I suppose female game protagonists.

  • As a gamer I have been avoiding female protagonists for a while due to how the female body was portrayed and used as a main selling point in most video games, especially in RPGs. Just look at the advertisement banners for some shady browser-based MMOs around the internet. Instant facepalm!

    I changed my mind after playing such games as Mirror's Edge and the latest installment of Tomb Raider. These games feature realistic looking, intelligent females. But most importantly, the main focus of these games is to give you a lot of fun as a player.

    The problem is not that female or male protagonists are too "sexy". This almost doesn't matter. What matters, however, is that the player sees them as human beings, through their story, struggle, vulnerability, moments of strength, fears, emotions, ... etc.

    When a game relies solely on the physique of its protagonist without giving him/her a human background, that's when things fall apart. Players perceive the protagonist as an empty shell and lose any emotional link to him/her, and by extension, to the game itself.

  • Hmm interesting discussion.

    On the one hand, I do agree that it shouldn't really matter whether the protagonist is male or female, black, white or purple-with-yellow-polkadots, as long as the story is good and the protagonist fits in it (both with regards to background story and abilities).

    On the other hand, when the progtagonist is human (in appearance), I think there are some biological expectations that should be taken into consideration. I don't mean that we should only have stereotypical people (please no), but I instinctively feel that a female characters abilities would focus more around intelligence or agility and less around strength, whereas a male character perhaps could be physically stronger. This should, however, not stop anyone from making a body-builder-type female protagonist, if that is, what the story demands

  • I personally prefer female protagonists. I honestly feel like there aren't enough female characters in games that aren't designed to be "men with boobs" but instead are actual women whose strength comes from powers and abilities as well as feminine qualities. I don't think there's anything wrong with a sexy female lead character. The female form is beautiful and appealing and there's nothing wrong with emphasizing that. Hence why Bayonetta is one of my favorites and why I design my characters the way I do (which I hope to be sharing in due course).

    Having a playable female lead (or being able to create one) is a major selling point for me.

  • I'm always far more invested when playing a 'non-typical' character. The whole idea that white male is the default human is ridiculous.

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