Your five favorite Nintendo 64 games as a kid?

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  • I've actually played these in the GameCube era (2002-2007), but anyways, here's my list (Comments are in brackets):

    5. Diddy Kong Racing [Loved how different it was from MK64]

    4. Super Mario 64 [Exploring was cool, but using the Wing Cap was awesome]

    3. Rolly Robot [I believe that's what it's called; loved the custom roller coaster]

    2. Iggy's Reckin' Balls [Loved the destruction whenever I got 1st place]

    1. Mario Party 3 [Being able to play as Peach was fun]

    Here's a runner up, because I felt I had to include it (Don't worry, the title isn't strict):

    * Mario Kart 64 [The desert track was my favorite; couldn't get enough of the steam train]

  • I wasn't a kid for the N64, but here are my five favorite Atari 2600 games from when I was bigger than a kid, but still young:

    5. Backgammon

    4. Super Breakout

    3. Starmaster

    2. Space Invaders

    1. Megamania

  • 1. super mario64

    2.Majora's mask fox 64

    4.Yoshi's story

    5. Super smash bros.

  • 1. Mario 64

    2. Banjo Kazooie

    3. Golden Eye

    4. Duke Nukem (multiplayer was so fun)

    5. Star Fox

  • Here is my best games

    1. Mario 64

    2. Space Invaders

    3. Starmaster

    4.Yoshi's story

    5. Star Fox

  • 1. Zelda Ocarina of Time

    2. Mario Kart 64

    3. Perfect Dark (64)

    4. Goldeneye (64)

    5. Super Smash Bros

    Good times..

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  • Mines :

    1.Zelda Majora's Mask

    2.Zelda Ocarina Of Time


    4.StarFox 64

    5.Super Mario 64

    It was so good...

  • I'm still a big n64 fan and still play on my N64 now and then.

    A top 5 is difficult

    • international superstar soccer
    • mario kart 64
    • goldeneye
    • zelda OOT
    • and at 1997/1998: Top Gear Rally
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