5 favourite simulation games?

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    Your 5 favourite Simulation games which you like to play?

    I don't really have a top 5, but i like many simulation games.

    The Sims - series are my favourite, but i also like things like Farming simulator and Goat simulator.

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    Roller Coaster Tycoon (original one) of course. Other than that simulation game I never enjoy them.

    My 5 physics simulators: (These aren't exactly games, more sandbox toys)

    Lemme just get powder / toy out of the way...

    5. Physion:

    4. Rigid chips: http://www.iamas.ac.jp/~takeya04/softwareE.html

    3. Sandbox play: http://gamejolt.com/games/sandbox-play/46322

    2. OE-Cake: http://www.scuzzstuff.org/oe_cake/

    1. Principia: http://principiagame.com/

    Physics engine demos:

    Nvidia FleX Demo: https://developer.nvidia.com/flex

    PhysX Demo: http://pp.kpnet.fi/andreasm/physx/

    I definitely love sim games. (old-time PC gamer here) I don't play many but these are the ones I loved:

    1) The Sims 1 (so endearing, had played for many years)

    2) Restaurant Empire (fun business management & also love the cuisines)

    3) Plague Inc. Evolved (most fun watching the number drops)

    4) The Sims 2 (also years of fun)

    5) Need for Speed: Porche Unlimited (this one feels more "sim" & classy than other NFS titles)

    Red Storm Rising (amiga)

    Gunship (C64)

    Gunship 2000 (PC)

    Elite II (amiga)

    Elite Dangerous: Horizons (PC)

    SimCity - Enjoyed both the SNES and DOS versions. Couldn't get much into most of the later efforts for some reason.

    RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 - A ton of fun. And I still find the yelling/cheering of the people when they like a ride to be so endearing. The puking, less so.

    Railroad Tycoon - Some of the limitations (esp. train/route limit) were frustrating, but it was still a blast. I think this game, Civ1, and Wolfenstein were my introduction to PC gaming.

    Aerobiz Supersonic - Played it on the SNES. I still play an emulated version of it every few years. Admittedly it's pretty limited in what you can do and what will get you a win, but it's a lot of fun nonetheless. Some day I'd love to take a shot at making a deeper version of this type of game... something in between the older airline games of yesteryear and the more data-heavy management sims of today.

    Rockstar - Text-based sim, but besides the gameplay the wacky "drug use" graphics were fun. (https://archive.org/details/msdos_Rockstar_1989)

    NFS, All series, But most of all I like Underground 2, Undercover and Rivals

    1. MechWarrior (the original pre-Microsoft version)

    2. Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer

    3. F-19 Stealth Fighter

    4. SimAnt

    5. Civilization

    NFS, All series, But most of all I like Underground 2, Undercover and Rivals

    I would go for the Need For Speed Underground the one before NFS 2. But i doubt it was a real simulator game.

    I don't have top 5 but the below 2 I really like- Clash of Clans and Ten Patti.

    There are many simulation games available but I would like to prefer following games

    1. Euro Truck Simulator 2

    2. Goat Simulator

    3. B-17 Flying Fortress

    4. Grand Prix Legends

    5. The Sims 4

    These are the best flight simulator animation games which you can play with fun.

    I absolutely loved simulation games back in my days of youth (I'm 20, by the way); I loved messing around with the tools to build whatever I wanted - at least until the money ran out. Two of these are actually Tycoon games; on par with sim games.

    Here's my top 5:

    5. SimTown (one of the Maxis Kids titles)

    4. RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

    3. SimThemePark (Original Playstation edition)

    2. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

    1. SimCity 3000 (Loved the building editor)

    Well, I don't have a top 5, but I played a lot of Metropolismania 2, The sims, Project CARS, Papers Please (I think it's a simulator) and Euro Truck Simulator 2 for example. I do love sim games!

    1# M1 Tank platoon - Amiga

    2# F117 stealth fighter - Amiga

    3# Apache gunship - PC

    4# Constructor - PC

    5# Simcity - PC

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