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  • Hello everyone !

    Maybe some of you already know the Inktober : artists post every day a draw they have done in the day. Each day have a theme and it happens all the month.

    It inspired me to do a jam with the same concept : one game per day for Christmas !

    Yeah yeah im kinda crazy.

    The jam will happen from December 1st to 24th.

    The goal is to release one game per day following each theme for each day.

    The official list of the themes will be shared the November 31st.

    What about assets ?

    Making one game per day is really hard, i know it. So i asked my team to prepare some assets for everyone.

    I will do a zip package which include graphics, sfx and musics. All assets will be under Creative Commons BY (read more). I will share the link on this topic the November 31st.

    How can you help ?

    If you want, you can also share with everyone assets, put download links under this topic.

    You can also give funny themes so i can add them to my list.

    How to participate ?

    Everyone can participate, there are no winners, only crazy devs

    If you don't release a game one day, it's totally ok, we are making games for fun right ?

    If you publish games, please add #crazychristmas tag so we can find them easily (on Newgrounds and for example).

    When the jam will start, i'll write an other topic so everyone can follow all the game released.

    Thanks for your reading and i hope to see you sharing with us crazy creations !

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  • nice

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