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  • Well, if you are a big fan of clash of clans, share with other clash of clans fans about you & maybe we'll find common interest:

    how did you know about the game?

    What attracted you to play it?

    What is your favorite person in the barracks?

    How much time do you spend on Clash of Clans?

    If you have more ideas please write here!

  • My favorite troops are the dragons and goblins. I learned about the game through my friends who played it. What league are you in?

  • HZGaming I'm in the bronze league division 2 but I'll be in the division 1 soon

  • Whats your levels bros ?

    Currently Im 40!

  • Found it through advertisements(they advertised it everywhere) so I gave it a shot because the visuals were nice. Don't spend much on it but I check it every 1-2 daysd so it still has me sort of active. Level 78 TH8

  • I play it pretty often, though a lot less lately because I'm crazy busy most of the time. Late-mid TH8, Lvl 84. Farming is pretty dull, but wars get interesting at TH 9 and 10.

    I especially enjoy tailoring unique armies for war, planning out how to use them, losing, and then seeing a team mate steamroll the same base by dumping a wad of dragons on the nearest builder hut.

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  • TiAm, hahaha I know right! After analyzing and acting like a world war general and getting 1 star, and an 11 year old gets 3 stars with dumping dragons! In the end I too had too use a full dragoon attack each time for war. Similar with you, mid TH8, lvl78. Well looking forward to TH9 when we the stronger troops than we can go for the gowipe.

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