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  • Hello everyone,

    I recently started playing this Clash of Clans game from Google Play and wondering about some questions.

    What applications would have they used?

    How do they store everybody information like I created a village, everybody else create their own village. How do they store it? (Sorry for the stupidest question ever)

    It is like 50MB game with freaking awesome graphics, like if I zoom in to the Village, everything looks HD real. It is an online game so will they load those images at that time?

    They don't even have ads, just IAPs, will they earn good with just that?

    Game play is good too and Is it possible with Construct 2? If Yes, just explain how. I am not asking you to create, just give a guide map to create it.

  • Gotta love these "How do I make game X" threads...

    A game like that has a budget with a great deal of zeroes - they spend a good deal of that on ads (funny ones, with quality CGI and voice over work) so it's certain the game will get plenty of exposure and thus plenty of players and thus plenty of revenue from IAPs.

    So they can afford to have the servers and the decent programmers and the art folk and everything else needed to keep the game running. And when it's been running for a while this happens (Wikipedia):

    "The game has been very successful for Supercell. By April 2013, Supercell had only two games on the App Store, Clash of Clans and Hay Day, which together had grossed $279 million. Daily revenue was at $2.4 million,[12] with 8.5 million daily players, and Forbes projected a revenue of between $800 million and $1 billion by the end of 2013.[13][14] They ultimately earned $892 million (compared to $101 million in 2012).[15]"

    Long story short - you probably won't make a game with millions of players that earns BILLIONS on your own, especially if you need to ask these questions. Start sensible, start small.

  • Okay Thanks.

    Is it possible to create just with Construct 2 or eclipse or unity, PHP or ..... "what applications are required to create a game like that?

  • I suspect first you get a guy like this: "Niko Derome – Server Architect. A veteran on designing large-scale game servers, Niko has spent the last 15 years in developing real time and asynchronous systems that serve tens of millions of users at companies like Codeonline, Sulake, and Digital Chocolate." - then that guy tells you what the system that communicates with his servers needs and you go from there. The front end could probably be C2, no problem.

  • Good to know that construct 2 can create games like this.

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  • We are building a game like this. Except ours will be superior to Clash of Clans in most ways (except perhaps the combat portion).

  • Good for you...Let us know once it is out, I will give it a play

  • We are building a game like this. Except ours will be superior to Clash of Clans in most ways (except perhaps the combat portion).

    sounds great gunshoe2029!, where can we see the game? I'm very interested in creating a similar game too, love Clash of Clans!

  • gnstudenko

    See my link in my siggy. That goes to our website (which is still in limbo as far as forums/devblog/wiki, due to my time being consumed with actually programming the game).

  • Start sensible, start small.

    Aye. Got to level up first. Can't do raids straight away, so to speak!

  • I take it, one must use ds lists for maps and data and be skilled at art and audio and advertising the game in order to make the game functional and popular and get inappurchases for profits.

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